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  • Analysis Of Alfred Schutz 's ' The Well Informed Citizen '

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    presented in Alfred Schutz’s, “The Well-Informed Citizen”. The “man-on-the-street” is the general population who takes in information to stay relevant and maintain a stock of little insights to share with colleagues. They tend to only read the news article 's lead, that first small paragraph that contains all the important information, they take that information and add it to their conversation starter list without considering its validity. Alfred Schutz’s idea is that, “This knowledge in all its vagueness

  • Analysis Of The Article ' Anatomy Of The Medial Knee ' Essay

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    the article did a good job of publicizing (sensationalizing) my work by using the words discovery, discover and discovered several times throughout the article. This type of promotion (although a misrepresentation) generated a lot of attention and interest in my research, which encouraged scientific dialogue and research of the knee ALL. Moreover, this information could benefit patients, orthopedic practitioners, other researchers and government research institutions. Second, the article did provide

  • Technology Has Hindered The American Society

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    Armineh Geragossian Professor M. Basalla ESL 151 November 29, 2016 Technology has Hindered the American Society Technology has become an important part of the American lifestyle. Everything from work to school involves technology in some way, shape, or form. For example, computers have made gathering and transferring information much simpler and accessible. This is a benefit to society because people are able to become better educated in a convenient fashion. Convenience has always been one of the

  • Microorganism In Margaret Laurence's Where The World Began

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    Where the World Began In the article “Where the World Began” the author Margaret Laurence represents her life in the Canadian Prairies and parts of Canada, on how she viewed the world .She gives descriptions of her hometown and how her childhood was like in the Canadian Prairies to give a representation of Canada. She states that she has found her own view of the parries and describes her home in the Canadian Prairies as a little microorganism. Throughout the essay, she talks about her memories

  • Reflection Paper On The Odyssey

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    Thinking about school sometimes hurts, especially about important assessments. Quiz on Friday for this class, test on Thursday for another class, it's a rough week. It is a Tuesday, and there were no worries in my mind as I enter school that day. Suddenly, I realized that there was a language arts test in 1st period! I zoomed to my locker, quickly went to my class, and snagged a book from the counter and started to study. As I frantically cram in information about The Odyssey for the test that is

  • A Journalist's Audience Essay

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    There are many different types of articles: newspaper articles, journal articles, editorial articles, research articles. Each one of these articles target a different audience. The authors takes into account who will be reading their article and how much knowledge he or she has on the topic being discussed. The style of each of these articles depends on the audience. The comprehensibility of a newspaper article will be much greater than a research journal article written by a scientist. The audience

  • "Can You Hear Me Now" Analysis of Sherry Trukle's Essay

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    alienated”, than ever before. Turkle utilizes the pathos appeal by using the rhetorical appeals of anecdotes, assertion, and reasoning. She relies heavily on the use of pathos throughout the entire article. This is important because it gets the reader involved in the story and sets the stage for the entire article.

  • Amanda Knox Essay

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    guilty and not guilty. The story was hard to keep straight as information was either left out or presented falsely. News articles presented soon after a story, is useful for awareness of the issue; however, exact details are generally not presented fairly or true fully. An article written in 2007 was one of the first published after the murder of Meredith Kercher. This article has valid information; however, important details were left out which made Amanda seem guilty. NBC did a respectable job

  • Is Cooking Really Freedom in Jim Sollisch’s Article,

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    Is Cooking Really Freedom? According to Jim Sollisch’s article, cooking is an outlet of expression and is not limited to one gender (Sollisch, “Cooking Is Freedom”). Sollisch communicates of how his newfound interest and love of cooking came out of an act of rebellion to allow the enrollment of boys in Home Economics classes (Sollisch, “Cooking Is Freedom”). He effectively uses an informal tone and an abundance of short, simple sentences appropriate for his audiences of NY Times and blog post readers

  • The Tradition Of Music Through The People Of A Sardinia Runs Deep, And Lortat Jacob

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    this though, the author shows how a rich and dynamic scene is affected by the powerful marching of time. Particularly in the monograph, a vignette regarding the residence and life of a Sardinian craftsman named Attilio, this affliction is shown. The article shows how the Sardinian musical culture has succumb to the aging process. The fragility of a tradition is emphasized through a rich character portrayal and inferred admiration. Thick description is the method in which Lortat-Jacob arrives at his