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  • The Opera Of Turandot By Giacomo Puccini

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    love. Despite his operatic genius, Puccini only wrote ten operas in his lifetime. He died on November 22, 1924 at the age of 66. At the time of his death, he was only one act short of completing Turandot. His close friend and fellow composer, Arturo Toscanini, finished Turandot shortly after his death. Puccini has been referred to by many critics as "the greatest composer of Italian opera after Verdi" (

  • Marian Anderson

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    Marian Anderson is remembered as one of the best American contraltos of all time. She was the first African American singer to perform at the White House and also the first African American to sing with New York's Metropolitan Opera. Marian Anderson was born in Philadelphia on Feb. 17, 1902. She never had much money, but she was happy. All of them, her mother, dad, and younger sisters Alyce and Ethel just liked to be together. One thing that may have been different from other childhood is that she

  • The Legacy Of Giacomo Puccini

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    The treatments seemed to be successful but on November 29th of the same year he suffered a fatal heart attack. His final incomplete work, Turandot, was conducted by his good friend, Arturo Toscanini in April of 1926 at the La Scala in Milan, the place that had been so critical of Puccini’s previous works. When Toscanini reached the end of the work that was written by

  • Defintion Essay - Is it Possible to Define Art?

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    Defintion Essay - Is it Possible to Define Art? Art is the intentional use of some medium to communicate emotions or ideas between minds. Some combination of the five senses is used to conduct information, so art may take the form of music, painting, sculpture, dance, and others. Art may be collaborative, as with the presentation of a symphony, which may involve a composer, a conductor, players, and a lighting crew all working to create the art of the presentation. Also, art occurs in at

  • Acceptance In Ask The Dust By Sixto Rodriguez

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    Acceptance, is a feeling desired by many people. Some may find it, some may live their life pursuing it, it is a curse some may say some may find it a gift. A fictional character by the name of Arturo Bandini, in the novel Ask the Dust, was a victim of this curse. He strives for the acceptance in another dominant culture for personal recognition and end up losing what he had at the beginning of his sorrowful journey. On the other hand, Sixto Rodriguez, well known as Sugar man, desired acceptance

  • Dizzy Gelespie (John Birks Gillespie) Essay

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    The people of today, raised by the sounds of The Beatles and Pearl Jam have forgotten all about the musicians that paved the way for these artists, and the musical styles that evolved into rock and roll, rhythm and blues and rap or hip hop. Unfortunately the music that once dominated the night clubs, restaurants, and radio stations is now heard only in elevators or when we go to a grandparents house to visit. What is left of jazz are small portions of the music that people take and sample with in

  • Essay on juan peron

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    Juan Domingo Perón is known as the greatest Argentinean politician of all time. However, he is also one of he most controversial. His tactics and alliances are often criticized as are the changes and developments he brought about in Argentina. The one thing that can be concluded by all is that this man led a very complex and important life.      Perón was born on October 8, 1895, in a province of Buenos Aires. He was the second son of Mario and Juana Perón. His father was

  • Mistranslation And Mistranslation In The Joy Luck Club

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    Mistranslation was a reoccurring theme in the book, The Joy Luck Club. There were frequent scenarios when characters could not understand each other properly due to mistranslation and miscommunication. Jing Mei has trouble understanding her mother in the following excerpt: “"It’s not showoff." She said the two soups were almost the same, chabudwo. Or maybe she said butong, not the same thing at all. It was one of those Chinese expressions that means the better half of mixed intentions. I can never

  • Ask the Dust by John Fante

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    might be today, complete with military intervention and the emergence of human kindness in the face of disaster. Camilla, Arturo, Sammy, Vera and Hellfrick are all non-entities in the bustle of L.A. culture, but all are profoundly human in their suffering, confusion, and vices. All are battling a poor sense of self-worth and struggling to survive in an indifferent world. Arturo Bandini takes us through this story in intimate first-person, exposing us to his mood swings, his astute observations and

  • Identity Formation in Mansfield’s The Garden Party Essay

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    "The budding rose above the rose full blown," writes William Henry Wordsworth, elevating the process of emerging, changing and evolving over those already developed, established and matured. While Wordsworth’s remark regards a rose, the statement also accurately describes Katherine Mansfield’s protagonist in The Garden Party. The narrative focuses on a wealthy family from New Zealand, jaded by elite lifestyle and prominent social standing. The youngest daughter, Laura, "the budding rose" of the story