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    Case Study Of Bot

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    Bott In 1930 Wilhelm Bott established a mechanical workshop in a mill near Gaildorf. This is the birthplace of where Bott is today. From a mechanical workshop, Bott has become a multi national company. From having 70 employees in 1940 to having nearly 750 employees world wide in 2011, in 71 years the amount of employees has increased by nearly 11%. Bott is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of workshop equipment, vehicle conversions and providing workshop systems. They design and manufacture

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    Rebecca because she was selfless. She adored medicine and was always willing to heal those in need. She even gave medical treatment to a poor man for free because she did not care for the riches, just the needs of others. At the tournament, “Ashby- de- la Zouche,” Ivanhoe was terribly injured, due to falling off his horse, and was immediately taken into the care of Rebecca. She put Ivanhoe before her self and cared for his injuries, not being concerned about what the consequence might be. While

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