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  • Child Rearing Practices Shape And Influence Attitudes Towards The Expectations Of Pain

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    Illness refers to the ways in which the sick person, the members of the family and wider social network perceive, live with, and respond to symptoms and disability. Illness and pain is a subjective experience that varies between each individual person. Alisha Ghosh is my cousin; she is a 22-year-old female student, currently in her fourth year at the University of Waterloo. Alisha suffers from sever chronic migraines which hinders and interferes with her daily life. Additionally, Alisha’s mother

  • Reflection Paper

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    It’s familiar. I was just here four months ago. The smell, sound, and the people. The clock reads 10:06am. I hear crying babies, sit in a dark room, and wait till I’m chosen for my room. The bracelet is stuck onto my wrist before vitals are taken. “Your blood pressure is up, are you okay?” Well I’m not okay since I’m in the ER because of a 77 day migraine and a numb lip. As I change into the XXL gown in room 9, I lay in bed nervous, but ready for the doctors to come in and review my past, ask everything

  • Docking Analysis : The Structure Of Sptan 08Program

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    The structures of LPSF-33, LPSF-34 and LPSF-35, including both E and Z isomers, were drew using the SPARTAN 08' program [20] and the optimization of each structure was carried out using the RM1 [21] method, available as part of the SPARTAN 08’ program, using internal default settings for convergence criteria. Docking analysis was carried out on Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor (PPAR) Gamma (PDB code: 2PRG). The chosen PPAR structure has been used in another work involving an antidiabetic

  • Study on Teat Tablets of Sodium Ibuprofen

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    1. The aim of the study was to work out a prescription for a teat tablet with sodium ibuprofen of high rate of therapeutic agent release. Studies have been undertaken on the evaluation of xylitol and sorbitol effect on morphological and physicochemical parameters of the produced tablets and on pharmaceutical availability of sodium ibuprofen. 2. Two kinds of tablets containing 50 mg of sodium ibuprofen were developed. Sorbitol was the basic formulating component of batch A tablets and xylitol of

  • My Day In My School

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    Have you ever felt like your brain was being split into a million pieces? Possibly a pain so intense you worried you were dying. That feeling was the cause of my day in hell. It was the day of the English and Math entrance exams, and I was ecstatic. I take pride in my intelligence and was ready to put my knowledge to the test. I had gotten a late start to the day, so I had about 30 minutes to get ready before I had to leave for GCIT. I take forever to get myself ready, so I used every second I

  • Merck : A Successful And Reputable Pharmaceutical Company

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    Background on the Case Study For years, Merck had been a successful and reputable pharmaceutical company that was known for its high-quality products and world-class research centres, and was often regarded in a good light compared to its less favourable competitors. However, all this fell apart in the early 2000s with the recall of the company’s “blockbuster” drug “Viroxx.” It was meant to act similar to ibuprofen in ways that it cured osteoarthritis and acute pain, but was withdrawn in 2004 after

  • The Melting Point Analysis of Crude and Recrystallized Acetaminophen Synthesized from P-Aminophenol and Acetic Anhydride

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    Abstract Acetic Anhydride and p-Aminophenol were heated in a vial attached to an air condenser to synthesize crude acetaminophen, resulting in 0.097 grams (47.48% yield). The crude acetaminophen was then recrystallized in a solvent of water and methanol over heat resulting in 0.082 grams (39.61% yield) of pure acetaminophen. Melting points of both crude and pure acetaminophen were taken, and found to be 165.9 - 170.9°C and 168.2 - 171.5°C, respectively. The literature melting point of acetaminophen

  • Bus 620 Final Paper

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    Aleve Timothy Vallin BUS 620 Managerial Marketing Instructor: Jacqueline Gilliard November 20, 2011 Introduction The company that I will be writing about is called Aleve. Aleve is an OTC drug that is made from the company known as Bayer. This medication is known for being a pain reliever that provides relief for a variety of condition. Just like any other company, Aleve has to be able to create a marketing plan. This plan has to be very strategic in order to gain customers and investors

  • My Experience In My Life

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    The searing, stabbing feeling, vibrating through your skull that renders you completely to where you cannot move, talk, or even eat is what hit me on August 11, 2013. The day and night before my 15th birthday was spent in the ER with a crippling migraine. The feeling of being treated like there was nothing wrong with you, and you were just faking it must be the worst feeling I have ever felt in my life. Chronic migraines affect people differently and can cause so many different problems. This is

  • Description Of Alice In Wonderland Syndrome

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    Imagine, you are nine years old, and you’re on a trip to Disneyland with your family. It's your turn to choose a ride to go on and you desperately want to go on the Alice in Wonderland ride. You get in line and you wait for what feels like ages. Finally, you’re up next to go on the ride; you and your mom step into the caterpillar-shaped cart and the safety bar comes down so it is now resting on top of your lap. The cart suddenly jerks forward and you are sent into the ride at full speed. You see