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  • Golden Ass Essay

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    Golden Ass Apuleius' Golden Ass, the only surviving novel of the Roman Empire, is a tale of a Greek nobleman devoting his life to the goddess Isis following his transformation to an ass and back. Although a work of fiction, the novel reveals a great deal about religion in Apuleius' society. This information, however, must be viewed with a critical eye. He incorporates stories from Greco-Roman mythology not to affirm their validity, but to reveal their commonness to society. Apuleius insults

  • Kick-Ass: A Film Analysis

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    Director Matthew Vaughn has a very accomplished track record; Kick-Ass is a breath of fresh air amid the abundance of Marvel superhero flicks, X-Men: First Class is a hugely entertaining romp that serves as the franchise’s finest, and Stardust, despite being rarely mentioned, is a competent and non-formulaic addition to the fantasy genre. You can imagine my disappointment, then, at Kingsman: The Secret Service, a spy caper devoid of any heart or wit that we have come to expect of the director. The

  • Sex, Magic And The Golden Ass

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    Katelyn White Professor McRae Greek and Roman Lit Spring 2015 Sex, Magic and the Golden Ass The theme of curiosity in The Golden Ass has different relationships with sex, magic and knowledge. The curiosity about magic, turns to the desire to possess the magic and to learn how to use it. The main character of The Golden Ass, Lucius, ignores many warnings about practicing magic and the witch Pamphile who uses it. When Lucius’ lover Photis explains the role that magic had in the prank that was pulled

  • The Ass, The Witch, And The Roman Empire

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    The Ass, the Witch, and the Roman Empire: Roman Society in The Golden Ass Apuleius’ The Golden Ass is the oldest Latin novel from around the era of the Roman Empire to survive in its entirety. Because of this fact, it means that this novel is a source of great insight into a first hand account, albeit with fictional prose, of Roman society through the eyes of a well-endowed male, Lucius, the narrator of the novel. Through his travels and his various encounters along the way, both as a man and an

  • Depictions Of Women During The Golden Ass

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    I will argue that the depictions of women in The Golden Ass seem to reinforce the gender stereotype of women to be lustful and manipulative nymphomaniacs because of the qualities of several female characters. The Golden Ass identifies the latent nature of women through several characters, namely: The woman from Corinth, who Lucius sleeps with, The wife from the story, the lover, and the jar, and Photis. First, I will analyze the woman from Corinth who sleeps with Lucius and how her qualities reinforce

  • Lewis Mcgrath 's Shannon And Apuleius ' The Golden Ass

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    A common theme found in both, Campbell McGrath’s Shannon and Apuleius’ The Golden Ass, is facing the consequences for venturing into the unknown. George Shannon and Lucius come face to face with unique obstacles, for instance George’s narrative long struggle to acquire any form of comestible sustenance or Lucius being faced with the seemingly immoral task to murder a woman by having sexual intercourse with her when he is in donkey form, that they must overcome. They used their pride and determination

  • Essay

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    #3 The Prophet Must Stick to the First Word Seeing that he could do nothing to prevent this prophetic message, the devil sought to use the backslidden prophet to get his revenge against the messenger. Art thou the man of God that camest from Judah? And he said, I am. Then he said unto him, Come home with me, and eat. And he said, I may not return with thee, nor go in with thee: neither will I eat bread nor drink water with thee in this place: For it was said to me by the word of the LORD, Thou shalt

  • House Of Blues: A Fictional Narrative

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    “I’m trying to be on my best behavior and not take that phone out of your hand then smash it.” Mel said causing me to fully put down my phone. “Nigga just handle that whack ass nigga Justin selling on our corners, playing us like we won’t run up on him.” My brother got up and walked out of the door, slamming it behind him. I picked up my phone shooting a text to one of my sellers telling him to get Justin’s number immediately. Within five minutes I was calling Justin and he was picking up. “So

  • Labatts Narrative

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    A double shot of bourbon neat with a Labatt’s chaser was Evan’s standard drink of choice at the Pussy Corps. He had placed his order with the waitress after taking his usual seat at a little two-seater table that was nicely tucked away in a dark corner near the far side of the stage opposite the entrance. He then looked over the room as he patiently waited for Misty to take to her performance. Not even 1 p.m. and the place already had nearly three dozen patrons. Most of them businessmen who

  • Short Story : Chapter Story

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    “You say no?” “Yes…but nooo. Sir, I beg you,” spoke Eryk. “I thought you wanted to pop something?” said Brendan. Eryk’s eyes pleaded in bewilderment as he spoke, “Yes, Sir.” Then, Brendan pivoted around and shimmied his cheeky ass and he said, “How about my ass?” “Fuck, yeah, Sir,” whispered Eryk as his jaw nudged the back of Brendan’s neck. “Then here’s your chance…and it’s a virgin hole,” said Brendan. Brendan returned to the sofa, as he knelt on the cushions. He leaned his chest downwards