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  • SWOT Associated Press

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    BERKELEY COLLEGE SWOT Analysis Professor Salzer BUS292 6/9/2010 Table of Contents Introduction: The Associated Press (AP) is an American news agency that was established in 1846 by five daily newspapers from New York City. They established the cooperation in order to deliver news about the Mexican War faster than the U.S. Post Office could. The known founder was Moses Yale Beach and the first CEO, named Alexander Jones, came

  • Sports Journalism Essay

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    employees in the sports section. The other employee is the editor. The small town newspaper sportswriter collects information about local teams and games and writes about them. National stories are often taken from acclaimed papers such as The Associated Press (Heitzman 44). In a larger city’s newspaper, the sports department may have 10 employees. All of these employees have a certain sport that they excel in writing about, such as football, baseball, hockey, basketball, golf, or high school sports

  • Shepard Fairey, The Artist Behind The Barack Obama Presidential Election Essay

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    Shepard Fairey, the artist behind the Barack Obama presidential election “Hope” poster, chose a photograph as an aid to achieving an ideal pose, that was taken by an Associated Press, AP, photographer, Mannie Garcia. This led to a controversy as Fairey used an image he did not own for his personal artwork. This leads to the question of whether illustrators and artists should be allowed to use photographs under the copyright “Fair Use” clause without having to ask permission or pay royalties to the

  • The Bias Claims Are Not Necessarily False?

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    the weekend’s games. Unsurprisingly, the standings often attract much criticism when a team is not placed as high as the fans feel it should be. Three of the most well-known ranking systems, based on algorithms as well as voting, include the Associated Press Poll, the Coaches Poll, and the College Football Playoff rankings. Often, there are discrepancies between each of these polls and fans are quick to make claims of bias when one poll ranks their team lower, or a rival team higher. However, in

  • The First Real Newspaper, Relation, And Politics

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    The first real newspaper, Relation, was printed in 1605 in Strasbourg. The first French paper was published in 1632. The first regularly published English newspaper appeared in London in 1622. They were owner-operated, and were largely autonomous, although risky because talking about royalty and politics was illegal. Most early newspapers were short-lived. Printing and paper were expensive and relatively few people could read. Journalism was also a risky business, as those in power did not welcome

  • Syrian's Secret Library Essay

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    Mutalleb Hariri took his six kids and registered them in camp schools directly after they arrive to Deraa in January 2013. He currently now sells clothes because he is unable to work as a veteran. As his wife teaches English in a grade school (Associated Press 3). The Syrians are now working to restore education to the area.People that are risking their lives to collect books for a library might seem hard to believe. The books help the community in many different ways.People like volunteers working

  • Police Body Cameras Should Reduce Police Misconduct

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    The idea of using the hook and eye method to achieve coherence and connect thoughts between sentences and paragraphs makes perfect sense. However, I had never put much thought into the method used to accomplish this. As I poured through articles, looking at the different types of research methods used, I could not help but notice the hook and eye connections. I also wondered if they the author was familiar with the hook and eye concept, or if this is a common, natural way of writing. I also know

  • Criminal Law Reflection

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    changed my perspective on current events, and has challenged my opinions that I had made based on watching the news. The first major story that I started following was in week three, and it was an article published in the New York Times by the Associated Press titled “Man who Apologized on Facebook before Slaying Pleads Guilty”. This story was about a 24-year old man from Scottsville, Kentucky, Ethan Reid. Reid apologized publically on a video that was posted on Facebook minutes before he shot and

  • Article Analysis: “Environment Group Aims to Stop Work on Power Plant”

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    printed. Much of modern reporting tends towards interpretive journalism, in which the writer attempts to explain what is happening, and place the events into context socially or historically. However, it is fitting that this is a story from the Associated Press wire (great point, often what comes across the AP will be the basis for a story developed by a news outlet where they take facts and turn them into a story they want. Nice observation). As is common, this style of writing is formulaic and able

  • The Debate Over Unauthorized Use Of A Person's Art Work

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    In contemporary photography a major issue has been debate over unauthorized use of a person’s art work to create something new. Appropriation is the most frequently used word whenever a body of work comes into question. Exploring deeper into this phrase used to justifying stealing, may sound simple on the surface, but appropriation has been a hot topic for many legal battles that can favor either side. Photographers and other artist are constantly in and out of court, fighting that their works is