Association of American Feed Control Officials

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  • What Type Of Diet Is Right For Their Dog

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    dogs, elevated levels of crude protein and fat, exceeding the requirements in animal products, while the plant sources were designed to meet the requirements. This experiment yielded that generally speaking a senior diet will be comprised of more feeds

  • Dog Food Regulation

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    Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM), is responsible for creating standards for all animal feeds: proper identification of product, net quantity statement, manufacturer's address, and proper listing of ingredients. The second way is by a governing body of pet food industry business insiders. The board consists of state and federal representatives as well but the association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) is not a government entity. Although they develop uniform regulations, laws, standards

  • Dog Food At Pet Wants

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    Dog owners want only the best nutrition in the dog food they feed their dogs; dogs want only the best tasting food for their bellies. Want fresh, all-natural ingredients in a dog food delivered straight to your door? Try buying your dog food online at Pet Wants, serving Houstonse. The proprietors of Pet Wants Houstonse, Chance and Lydia, met with the owner of Pet Wants and were excited to try the company's fresh dog food. They noticed immediately that their dogs loved the taste of the food and

  • Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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    Every so often the media and news feeds flood with reports of a mass shooting. Families mourn. In the days that follow, calls to action can be heard, and there is a demand for change. Sometimes minor legislation passes, but in the United States extreme change is rarely seen. Other developed nations provide an opposite comparison. Following the Port Arthur shooting in Australia and the shooting in Great Britain, both countries organized for significant gun reform. The United States is different because

  • Afco Pet Food Trial

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    Created in 1909, the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) was formed by a group of people whose goal was to oversee the safety of pet food regulation, manufacturing, and distribution (Welcome to AAFCO). AAFCO’s main purpose is to ensure that the food that people purchase to feed the pets meets a certain standard. Additionally, AAFCO has a role in overseeing pet food label requirements and regulations. A pet food label is required by AAFCO to have certain information included on

  • Women's Suffrage In The 19th Century

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    Before, men were the dominant holders of American jobs, but with the new law, it enabled women with the ability to vote, it drastically changed our nation’s way of running. Politicians would now gear their campaigns towards women, and eventually, women would begin running for places in office.

  • Genetically Modified Organisms And Its Effects On Human Health

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    Abstract: Many of the foods the general public consumes today are genetically modified. As the food industry increases its use of gene manipulation, more people are becoming concerned with health risks that GMOs may bring. Many health experts today insist that genetically modified foods do not pose health risks. Recently, there have been some health issues caused by gene manipulation causing allergic reactions. With strict regulations, GMOs could be a value asset to human health. Overview: ‘Genetically

  • Food Labeling Essay

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    IntroductionStakeholders according to the Project Management Institute is "An individual, group or organization who may affect, be affected by, or perceive itself to be affected by a decision, activity or outcome of the project."( Project Management Institute, 2013). The safe and accurate food labeling bill provide for federal standardization of ingredients and nutritional information on food labeling with the exception of genetic sourcing of the product. Creating a debate focused on the public's

  • The 2nd Amendment Essay

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    Second Amendment Most people would link violence and crime problems with gun control in America. The debate that Americans face today is the freedom the Second Amendment gives citizens and whether or not the country should repeal it. While some people feel that repealing it should solve the problem, others believe that it is one of the most important basic freedoms we have as Americans. Federal gun control laws are unconstitutional, and I believe the Second Amendment is both an individual

  • Dry Dog Protein

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    furry friend on a vegan diet, it's important to make sure you're meeting all of his nutritional needs - a task cricket protein can help with. Protein Just like people, dog's need a certain amount of protein in their diet. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), the organization responsible for setting pet food standards, has declared that dry dog food must be 18% protein while poppy food must be 22% protein. These recommendations represent the minimum amount of protein allowed