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  • Pros And Cons Of Asteroids

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    should fund Asteroids studies? I claim yes, we should fund asteroids studies. Also the asteroids could give us safety outside of the earth, gain resources, and learn space. These are going to be opportunities to get asteroids and get rare minerals from the asteroids. Those are the reasons I’m going I claiming that we should let NASA ( National Aeronautics and space Administration) should fund Asteroids studies. This reason of NASA should fund Asteroids studies is safety. Asteroids are studied

  • Getting to Know Asteroids

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    Asteroids are a very fascinating part of our solar system. Asteroids are classified as small airless rocky worlds revolving around the sun. Since asteroids are too small, they have not been called planets during the time of their existence. The larger asteroids are known as planetoids or minor planets. Asteroids as a whole, their mass does not even come close to the mass of the Earths moon. This could be a reason why they have not been known as planets. Although asteroids can be seen in any part

  • Asteroids Essay

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    Asteroids In our solar system today there are over 30,000 asteroids flying around in all direction colliding with other asteroids and planets, without a care about the destruction they might convey. Our planet Earth is caught right in the middle of all of this action and is liable to entire extinction of any life forms on the planet if a large enough asteroid crosses its path. Any single asteroid has the possibility to erase thousands of years of history and wipeout the human race, as we know it

  • Developing A Way To Study Asteroids

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    worry of researchers that at any moment an asteroid may hit Earth and cause significant damage. Only recently (the past hundred years or so) have people been able to make equipment powerful enough to detect asteroids coming toward Earth and orbiting Earth. This is a very important step in preventing damage to our fragile planet. One of the first asteroids orbiting Earth discovered was 1 Ceres by Piazzi in 1801 (Gehrels, 1999). Since all of the asteroids back in the 1800’s were found just by looking

  • Asteroid Mining And The Economy Of The Future

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    5th Hour Dev. of Cause/Effect /60 Asteroid Mining and the Economy of the Future Asteroids. Commonly thought of as a natural doomsday device, these hunks of space rock clutter the solar system by the millions. Many give the asteroids credit for all sorts of cataclysmic events such as the extinction of the dinosaurs. Others claim the asteroids can cause cataclysmic events such as the extinction of humankind. Amidst these fears lie a truth: Asteroids are interplanetary gold-mines, filled to

  • Mining Asteroids For Resources Interests

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    Mining asteroids for resources interests me because I would consider myself as a heavy consumer of electronic goods such as smartphones and computers and therefore I am keen to know about the future of this technology. At the beginning of my IGCSE Global Perspectives course, we looked at natural resources which I think also contributed to my decision to look into this topic. I would like to be more aware of how much resources currently remain on Earth because the media constantly reports on how little

  • Essay On Fund Asteroid Studies

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    fund asteroid studies that other people lead? In my opinion, I think that NASA should fund other asteroid studies because if we are trying to go to Mars, then we need all the extra help we can get. If we have many people exploring and learning space, then we can find more about space, maybe go to Mars earlier than we thought, and be more prepared. NASA should fund asteroid studies because of our safety, resources, and our competitiveness and currency in the world. If NASA funds asteroid studies

  • Asteroids On The Solar System

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    Kyle Williams Planetary Geology 4/14/2015 Asteroids in Our Solar System Introduction: When the first asteroids were discovered they were thought to be planets, just like every other star in the sky. It is only with the advancement of astronomy that the differentiation could occur. Asteroids are minor planets or sometimes referred to as planetoids or planetesimals. Those names are given to anything in the solar system that does not seem to have the roundedness of a planetary body or the typical characteristics

  • Asteroid Exploration And Utilization By George Botbyl

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    is nearing depletion of its natural resources at a time when human beings are rapidly expanding the frontiers of space. The resources which may exist on asteroids could have enormous potential for aiding and enhancing human space exploration as well as life on Earth. With the possibly limitless opportunities that exist, it is clear that asteroids are the next step for human existence in space. The resources of the Earth are not infinite, in fact, some are depletable within the next several decades

  • Asteroid Mining is Becoming a Reality

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    The issue of asteroid mining used to seem out-of-this-world metaphorically and literally, but today, the issue is slowly becoming reality. As technology and research progress, the pros and cons of asteroid mining have become more apparent. One issue is the way minerals and metals from asteroids will be treated on the market because first, a company or industry must “claim” an asteroid as theirs for mining. Therefore the questions start appearing, is that ethical, moral, legal? By looking at the gasoline