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  • Reflection On Thabo Sefolosha's Life

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    It was a warm spring night in April 2015 when Thabo Sefolosha’s life changed forever on hours after a Knick-Hawks game. Sefolosha and his former teammate, Pero Antic, had a run-in with the New York police outside of celebrity-haunt 1 Oak nightclub. The police were investigating an unrelated incident involving former NBA player Chris Copeland, who was stabbed outside the nightclub in a separate incident. What happened next is still mired in mystery and controversy. According to reports, the club

  • The Miami Heat-Personal Narrative

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    It all started mid January a few years back. My father asked me if I wanted to go to an Atlanta Hawks basketball game because, the Miami Heat would be in town to play. So of-course I said yes! He ended up getting four tickets through his company which meant Amazing seats that were pretty much court side. Dad told me I could invite anyone I wanted and that he was inviting my friend Anthony’s Dad Tony. Tony was quite the character not one you'd look up to but cool to hangout with. He was about a

  • Charlotte Hornets Throw Team Case Study

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    improve for the Charlotte Hornets to be a playoff team in 2016-17? The 2015-16 Charlotte Hornets were extremely competitive after the All-Star break last season, as they had a 21-8 record after the All-Star break. They went back and forth with the Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics, and Miami Heat for the 3rd,4th,5th and 6th seed throughout the second half of the season. In the end, the Hornets went back to the playoffs after a one year absence and ended up with the 6th seed, losing to the Miami Heat in an

  • Eno Restaurant & Wine Bar

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    Introduction ENO Restaurant & Wine Bar was on the Atlanta, Georgia circuit for 10 plus years. It was a hit until the new owner step on the scene and the original owner had to give up on his passion since a teenage boy. ENO struggles to stay alive and revive itself with a new name, menu and swagger for the Elite socialite. In the mind of an entrepreneur failure is never an option. No entrepreneur wants to hear the word or talk about it. ENO got a second chance to shine in the spot light keeping its

  • I Want To Join The Atlanta Hawks Organization

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    I am interested in joining the Atlanta Hawks’ family because of the organization’s long history of success among its team, and fans, and marketing partnerships with high-profile brands. However, most importantly, my reasoning for wanting to join the Atlanta Hawks organization because of the relationships and experiences that the Atlanta Hawks produces for both fans and brands alike. The Atlanta Hawks provides exciting and engaging partnership activations with companies such as Delta, McDonald's,

  • About Georgia Essay

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    8,186,453. Caucasian people make up about 71% of Georgia's population, while African-Americans account for about 27%. The rest is mostly Chinese, Koreans, Hispanics, and American Indians. About 63% of Georgia's people live in urban areas, such as Atlanta, Columbus, Savannah, and Macon. It is the 10th largest state by population. The

  • Natural History Of Raptors : Raptor Biology And Hunting Methods

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    and limb is something that some raptors have chosen due to their innate ability to out-match its prey with extreme speed and ultimate agility. These raptors mainly belong to the family of buteo or hawks; such as the sharp-shinned hawk, Swainson’s hawk, and Cooper’s Hawk. They are small, long-tailed hawks with short, rounded wings. “They have small heads that in flight do not always project beyond the “wrists” of the wings” ( Most of these species migrate south out of Canada and

  • Creative Writing Rhinos

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    “I’m Alpha, Alpha the hawk,” I say to myself in a mirror. I fell a tad bit nervous about my first mission but, in the setting of green grass, pristine water, and healthy trees, I think I'll be alright. I plan to meet rhino in the courtyard, but his stomach said otherwise. I found him where I usually do, stuffing himself with fruits and vegetation of all sorts. “You ready buddy” I announced with great confidence, perching on the seat. I make out an “yes” and exclaim “let's go!” I shoot out the door

  • Empowerment, Bravery, And Pride In Katniss Everdeen's The Hunger Games

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    Empowerment is the authority or power given to someone to do something, and this is what Katniss and Atlanta share in their stories which made a mark; which leads others mostly females what to follow. Bravery is courageous behavior or character this is the foundation that makes these two characters unique. The bravery that is placed in these two is overwhelming

  • Let America Be America Again Analysis

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    David Bassey ENG 131/ Rietz 27 November, 2017 Disappointed, Yet Optimistic - Let America Be America Again The Poem, ‘Let America Be America Again’ was written in 1938 by Langston Hughes. An American writer of the 20th century and well known for writing about injustice and inequality against low income working folks that existed in his days as a kid in Harlem south of Manhattan, New York. At a young age in the 1920’s were the years of Manhattan’s black renaissance (Hughes).In the poem “Let America