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  • The Sweet Hereafter Essay

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    Character development keeps an audience interested. Being able to pull emotion out of the main character allows the audience to feel the pain or excitement that is being portrayed. In director Atom Egoyan's "The Sweet Hereafter," Dolores Driscoll brings out the sadness that her character is feeling. You can sense the pain and distress that she bears. Yet, in the novel, The Sweet Hereafter, by Russell Banks', Dolores does not grow as a character. The audience never deciphers if Dolores understands

  • The Sweet Hereafter Film Analysis

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    The Sweet Hereafter, directed by Atom Egoyan, is a film about the devastation caused by a bus crash in a small Canadian community that killed many of the town's children. Like many of Egoyan’s works, this film indicates his directorial style by using film techniques that place the audience in the characters shoes. Egoyan uses nonlinear timelines, motifs and music, along with his great use of camera work, mise en scene, and voice over, to present the plot in a way that engages the audience and leaves

  • Experiment 36: Determination of the Structure of a Natural Product in Anise Oil

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    determination and IR spectroscopy. Introduction: The major component of anise oil has the chemical formula C10H12O. This compound is said to be hydrogen deficient, meaning that it contains less hydrogen atoms than would be needed for each of the carbon atoms to have the maximum amount of hydrogen atoms attached. The IHD, or index of hydrogen deficiency for this molecule is 10. This indicates that there must be five rings or double bonds in the structure. Each of these would

  • Spectroscopy Lab Report

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    Balmer-Rydberg formula, their wavelengths and percent error were able to be extrapolated. Based on the literature values, the cereal box spectrometer proved its value as a decently accurate spectrometer. Introduction: Every element and subsequent atom associated emits light; also know as electromagnetic radiation, when in an excited state. Analyzing this emitted light can give insight to the makeup and characteristics of them. The light given off by an energetically excited

  • Grade 12 University Chemistry Exam Study Notes Essay

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    exlusion principle: no two electrons in an atom can have the same four quantum numbers; no two electrons in the same atomic orbital can have the same spin Aufbau principle: each electron is

  • Inorganic Ions Include Those of Sodium, Phosphorus and Hydrogen. Describe How These and Other Inorganic Ions Are Used in Living Organisms.

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    Inorganic ions include those of sodium, phosphorus and hydrogen. Describe how these and other inorganic ions are used in living organisms. Inorganic ions in animals and plants are necessary for vital cellular activity. In body tissue they can also be called electrolytes, which are essential for electrical activity needed to support muscle contractions and neuron activation. Ions also effect how pH changes in the blood and other bodily functions. Ions are also incorporated into the structure of

  • States of matter Essay

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    b) Are the atoms still in their crystalline pattern even though they're moving? Yes 4) Heat the solid Neon to 20 K. What is this temperature in Celsius? -253°C a) What happens to the motion of the atoms? Getting faster b) Are the atoms still in the crystalline pattern? Yes 5) Heat the Neon to 30 K. What is this temperature in Celsius? -243°C a) The atoms are sliding past each other a.A) not moving. a.B) vibrating about a fixed

  • Biology Case Study Essay

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    class with the periodic table. 2. Johnny couldn’t find Sodium Chloride on the periodic table because Sodium Chloride is a molecule made up of two atoms: Sodium and Chloride. 3. Sodium Chloride represents two atoms that together form a molecule: NaCl. Na: Sodium and Cl: Chloride 4. An ionic bond occurs when two or more ions (an atom whose number of elections differs from its number of protons) bond together because of their opposite charge. They are drawn to each other like magnets

  • Weinberg's A Designer Universe Essay

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    The first most convincing argument that Weinberg presents to the reader, points toward a universe created by something other than a deity. Weinberg touches on carbon synthesis. He points out that the creation of the carbon atom can be easily explained through science. Thus, if carbon developed through some random reaction within the universe. Once this carbon develops the likelihood of more carbon developing is great. Hence, carbon being the basis of life, life would be able

  • Investigation of the Thermal Decomposition of Copper Carbonate

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    compounds are far less common. Copper atoms most readily go to oxidation state +2, by a variety of reactions. Cupric compounds are unstable in the presence of water, so must either be insoluble or form complexes with other molecules. The equations are written in moles and through my background knowledge I now know the definition of a mole, 1mole of any substance contains the same number of particles as 12g of carbon-12. 1 mole of any element contains 6.01 x 1023 atoms. 1 mole of a molecular compound contains