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  • Attending School Or Physician Assistant School

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    If you owed over fifty thousand dollars in loans what would you do? How would you pay for that? I plan to attend PA school or Physician Assistant School which is a twenty four to thirty month program, depending on the school you go to. In case you’re unsure of what a PA does the Bureau of Labor Statistics explains that Physician Assistant’s “Review patients’ medical histories, conduct physical exams to check patients’ health, order and interpret diagnostic tests, such as x rays or blood tests, make

  • Attending A Physician 's Assistant ( Pa ) Program

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    Attending a physician 's assistant (PA) program has been my desire since beginning work in the mental health field. I am a licensed professional counselor intern (LPC-Intern) working towards full licensure as a licensed professional counselor (LPC). I conduct individual and group psychotherapy sessions in a private practice and a mental health hospital. I enjoy doing therapy with clients, however, I want to include another perspective into my treatment, the medical perspective. Growing up, I spent

  • Disability Insurance Case Study

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    medical residency is a smart idea for young physicians. Obtaining coverage during training allows one to benefit from better health, lower premiums and less financial documentation. Most of the top insurance carriers providing high quality coverage for physicians today have special limit programs that allow residents and fellows to obtain disability insurance based on their level of training rather than their current income. This is advantageous for young physicians but only if the planning is done properly

  • Organizational Learning Case Study

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    Opportunities for Organizational Learning at the VA There are numerous types of significant learning opportunities which would be likely to have a positive impact on the VA.  This paper will focus on surgical robotic education and streamlining order sets to improve surgical patient outcome and hospital ratings.  Sultan and Hussain (2012) showed learning in a collaborative environment promotes development of social skills, by interacting with others, individuals are able to grasp an understanding

  • Dignity Act

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    suicide is ongoing. Currently in the U.S., physician-assisted suicide is legal in Oregon, Montana, Washington, Vermont, and California (Death with Dignity, 2016). The purpose of this paper is to review RCW 70.245, The Washington Death with Dignity Act, Initiative 1000, and to identify and address the gap in existing statutory language in the

  • Barberton Hospital Case Study

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    Barberton Hospital, Chief of ICU for Summa Physicians, Medical Director of the ICU and one of the senior (old) Critical Care Physicians. I disagree with the statement that there is no Critical Care Leadership. The history of ICU coverage program at Akron City was developed over concerns for disparity in care. Most patients had a Critical Care Physician at the bedside sometime during the day. During off hours some patients had a Critical Care Attending, some a resident with the attend on the phone

  • Barney V. Dailey Case

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    when? Before proceeding with a treatment redirection process to withdraw any life sustaining treatment the attending physician and another physician must both agree once again is the patient is still incapacitated and unable t make their own decision. If the patient is still considered incapacitated the redirection process will be approved. Is there evidence from the case text that the attending

  • Becoming A Physician

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    As an intern in the operating room, I have experienced some of the challenged that I expect to face as a physician. One of the main challenges that I have faced thus far is working with the multitude of personalities. During my first week work with the Anesthesia team, I worked with an attending who appeared more interested in academics than actually practicing. So throughout most of the cases I worked with him he was reading papers more than actually monitoring the patient. When returning from lunch

  • Neurological Paper

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    (Cooper et al., 2012). According to Chan, Zhou, & Liaw (2013), ineffective nurse-physician collaboration leads to work dissatisfaction and compromised quality patient care. A literature search was done to explore the attitudes of physicians and nurses towards their collaboration, the factors that affect physician-nurse collaboration, and also strategies to improve this. Results showed that physicians viewed the physician-nurse collaboration as less important, although they rated the quality of the collaboration

  • Personal Statement : Ho Chi Minh City Essay

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    One afternoon in 1992 when I was 8 years old, my parents picked me up from school as usual. My father was driving a motorbike, the Honda Super Cub. I sat in front of him and my mother sat behind. We were on the main street and had almost arrived at our house when a truck suddenly hit the back of the motorbike. Everything happened as fast as a snap. The Honda Cub was trapped underneath the truck, and we were thrown off. My mother was lying on one side of the road, holding her bleeding knee while