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  • The Madwoman in the Attic

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    ACCESS ISSN 2220-4504 Women’s Secret Language: the Madwoman in the Attic in a Cultural and Psychological Context JIA Shi 1 1 The University of Iowa E-Mails: Received: Apr. 2011 / Accepted: May 2011 / In Press: May 2011 / Published: Jun. 2011 Abstract: As an outstanding representative of the second-wave feminism, The Madwoman in the Attic is still useful in handling the relationship between women and language, especially when it is in

  • The Madwoman in the Attic: The Woman Writer and the Nineteenth-Century Literary Imagination

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    The Madwoman in the Attic: The Woman Writer and the Nineteenth-Century Literary Imagination "And the lady of the house was seen only as she appears in each room, according to the nature of the lord of the room. None saw the whole of her, none but herself. For the light which she was was both her mirror and her body. None could tell the whole of her, none but herself" (Laura Riding qtd. by Gilbert & Gubar, 3). Beginning Gibert and Gubar’s piece about the position of female writers during

  • Bigh Hunger: A Short Story

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    Home is where family resides. Home is where one feels safe, like a baby in a cradle. Home is where one has a back to rely on, people to trust. For me, home is none of those things. Instead, it is the dark, empty, consuming void in which I spend my days residing. The only companionship I have is the computer screen and the dull, dusty, corroded walls which surround my only home. The walls serve their purpose, as was expected of them: to protect me from the hideous monsters outside. The ugly, manipulating

  • Essay On Kampong Glam

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    Take a Step Back Into Yesterday with The Sultan The Sultan is far from being an ordinary hotel as it is built entirely based on Singapore’s unique and rich history. From carefully conserving the hotel’s structure to be of what it was back in the 1800s to the design of the hotel that focuses on a specific era, The Sultan gives its guests a little taste of the old Singapore charm with a modern touch. History All Around Situated in one of Singapore’s historical sites, Kampong Glam was one of the

  • Graduation Speech: Fighting For Civil Rights

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    the rain there was a riot the night my mum left. She confided in me that my mum had gone home only to hear her neighbours talk about my death and so, in not knowing any better, she had truly believed her own lie. A soft tapping at the opening of the attic struck out my attention. It was time to dig. Us kids talked amongst ourselves as we dug into the ground further and further below and beyond The Walls. The tunnel was here before I arrived two years ago, the Widower had begun the tunnel 6 years ago

  • Marie Howe : What The Living Do

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    It’s apparent how much Howe adored and loved her brother in “The Attic”; she calls him the “exiled grown prince” and encourages us to “Praise him”. Yet, this poem does present a key theme of immense emotional pain appropriate for an elegy, whether it be the speaker or her loved ones. She addresses this from the perspective

  • The Window Of An Attic

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    I saw a boy in the window of an attic today. It was the attic of the house on the corner of Cherry Tree lane, and Firefly Avenue. This is a house I walked by on a regular basis, it was on the route that I travelled to reach my house. People always told me that this is a neighborhood I should run through as quickly as possible, mostly because the owners of that house on the corner weren’t particularly the people you would like to hang around with, and I never questioned it, I just listened to what

  • Attic Insulation Removal

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    calculating the average cost of Attic Insulation Removal and cleanup is not easy. Many things are there to consider. I mean, Every project has its unique set of issues and challenges to overcome. Anyway, Insulation Removal is essential for house owners that energy bills are reaching the sky. While it's difficult to calculate the average cost, I compiled a list of factors that you need to know to calculate your cost. See the list below: * Attic size: Every house has its unique attic. Here I am talking about

  • The Importance Of Attic Restoration

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    Attic Clean up & Waste decontamination - Whenever you have any animal take residence in your attic it is very important that the contaminated material properly handled. Many of the animals you may have get into your roof carry diseases and parasites in their feces. Bats, birds, and many other animals will leave damage that only a professional can deal with. The waste is hazardous to your health and proper protective gear should always be worn when removing it. Our priority when doing an attic restoration

  • Converted Attic Expectations

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    Converted attics are popular because they allow you to expand living space within the same footprint of the house. This can not only dramatically reduce the cost of the expansion, it can help preserve the character of the neighborhood, preserve outdoor space, protect mature trees and otherwise minimize the disruption involved in carving out more space for yourself or your family. But, due to the unusual configuration of attic space, it comes with some inherent space planning challenges. These challenges