Australian labour law

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  • The Fair Work Commission ( Fwc )

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    This week saw the Fair Work Commission (FWC) bring down an adjustment to Penalty rates in Australia for some Retail and Hospitality Workers. If you read the newspapers, listen to the radio, and watch TV coverage it comes across as the greatest betrayal of the working man (or woman) since the great Depression. In this article I 'll give my view on this. Disclaimer: I own a couple of Small Business 's which (potentially) benefit from this decision. I have looked after the HR department of a larger

  • Zheng V. Liberty Apparel Company Inc

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    ZHENG v. LIBERTY APPAREL COMPANY INC 88 91 998 103 Ling Nan ZHENG, Ren Zhu Yang, Yun Zhen Huang, Wen Qin Lin, Sai Bing Wang, Ye Biao Yang, Cui Zhen Lin, Rong Yun Zheng, Hui Fang Lin, Xiu Ying Zheng, Jin Ping Lin, Hui Ming Dong, Yu Bing Luo, Sau Chi Kwok, Sai Xian Tang, Yi Zhen Lin, Rui Fang Zhang, Mei Juan Yu, Mei Ying Li, Qin Fang Qiu, Yi Mei Lin, Mei Zhu Dong, Fung Lam, Xiu Zhu Ye, Sing Kei Lam, and Xue Jin Lin, Plaintiffs-Appellants, v. LIBERTY APPAREL COMPANY INC., Albert Nigri, and Hagai Laniado

  • Essay on Child Labor in Mexico

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    Many different variables play a part in finding a solution to help end child labor. Unfortunately, this form of labor plays a large role in Mexico’s economy. Although the country has anti-child labor laws, the children of Mexico are forced to work for a variety of reasons. Most families force the children to work due to their struggle with poverty and lack of income. Although some organizations (like the North American Free Trade Agreement) look at

  • Working in Mills Essay

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    Working in Mills The industrial revolution was rushing on at full steam and manufactured goods were at record demands. At a time when men were needed to dig the ditches build the bridges and do heavy manual labor there was still a need for lighter more tedious and just as perilsm jobs that required a specialized worker that of a smaller stature

  • Child Labor As A Cultural Norm

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    Description of the problem “Child Labour; the Effect on Child, Causes, and Remedies to the Revolving Menace,” defines child labor as referring to “children who miss their childhood and are not able to have the basic amenities which a child should have.” There are many different reasons and causes for child labor. For some countries, child labor is considered to be a cultural norm. From the time children are old enough to be taught a skill, they are often trained in that field and put to work in

  • Taking a Look at Child Labor

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    conditions. Most young kids worked for Carpet Company’s because their hands were small enough to grab the little strings. Young girls married under the age of 18 and most girls marry during adolescence. The community considers them adults, even when the law says they are still children. The percent of children in the ages 5-14 year old working is 25.8 which is 4,692,293. The percent of children that are in school between the ages of 5-14 is 59.8. It is good to know that most of the kids are in school

  • Child Labour Around the World

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    Child Labor lingers among all Introduction Child labor has been an enormous issue lingering amongst our world today, but yet people d not realize that it is still occurring more often in developing countries. Throughout the last few decades, child labor has been declining in many countries. However, more than 250 million children between the ages of 5 and 14 are still working (“Child labor around,” 2013). Some sort of child labor exists in each country due to weak economic structure and lack

  • Foxconn: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd.

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    Foxconn, which is also known as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co.,Ltd, is a multibillion business. Many big names are listed on Foxconn’s clients’ list, such as Apple, Cisco, Dell, and Nokia. According to a report, Foxconn has become the world largest electronics contractor manufacturer, and it is the third richest information technology company by calculating its revenue each year . As a manufacture company, Foxconn’s story is a huge success. They provide thousands of job opportunities in different

  • Labor Unions And The Civil War Essay

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    something to make their lives better for themselves and their families. Many of these dates were important in shaping our country’s labor policies into what they are today. In 1847 New Hampshire enacts as the first state to enforce a 10-hour workday law. In 1909 the International Ladies’ Garment workers’ Union calls a strike in New York, demanding a 20-percent raise and a 52-hour workweek. Within two days, more than 20,000 workers from 500 factories walk off the job. This largely successful uprising

  • Foxconn Technology Group - the Suicides Incidents

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    aware of due to their issues on labour practices. This aspect of the