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  • Would Lowering the Speed Limits on Highwasy Actually Make Driving Safer?

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    about how much speed limits can affect safety. Growing up, it was drummed into my head that speed kills. It wasn’t until I moved to Germany that I was able to even challenge the phrase “speed kills”. Being able to drive at any speed I want on the Autobahn has produced thoughts that completely destroy the phrase “speed kills”. So… Would lowering the speed limits on highways actually make driving on them safer? If you were to ask a medical doctor that question, I’m sure the answer would be yes.

  • Driving Prosability

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    were determined to be safe, could increase or be unrestricted. As previously stated, typically, most europeans follow the law closely. The laws of the Autobahn are not as free as many Americans think. First of all, the Autobahn is every highway in Germany, and not all of them are unrestricted in regard to speed. The majority of the Autobahn follows a speed limit between 100 and 120 kilometer per hour (approximately 60-75 mile per hour)(BASt, 2015). One of the unique aspects of the unrestricted

  • Advantages Of Speed Limit

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    E PLANNING STRATEGY OF POLICY SPEED LIMITS FOR MOTOR VEHICLES IN MALAYSIA 10.1 INTRODUCTION Speed limit is the maximum speed allowed by law for road vehicles. The highest speed limit in Malaysia is 110 km/h. There are very few public roads have no speed limit. In other country, there are some roads that have minimum speed limits, where slow speeds are considered to impede traffic or be dangerous. National Speed Limits is a set of speed limits applicable on Malaysian expressways, federal roads,

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Auto Enforcement System

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    ABSTRACT Auto Enforcement System (AES) is a tracking system that automatically detects traffic offenses using sensors and imaging system that captures photo and video images of traffic violations. It was a system that created by human. The main function of this system is to monitor the traffic in “black spot” areas which accident always occurs. For example, AES camera can cover offense such as speeding that beyond the speed limit. Speed limits are commonly set by the authority to set the maximum

  • Personal Essay: The Dangers Of Speeding

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    The Dangers of Speeding I was pulled over by a police officer because I was going faster than I was supposed to in that designated area. The zone was a sixty-five mile per hour zone and I was do eighty. I have agreed to the terms that I was found guilty of this and now come to you the reader explaining why it may be dangerous to be speeding in certain areas and ultimately everywhere. During this experience I have learned that there are many consequences for not driving safe, because there is never

  • The Speed And Driving : The Dangers Of Driving

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    A Koenigsegg CCR, a Swedish sports car, goes speeding down a highway. One sign passes the driver announcing the speed limit; "75 miles per hour." Then another sign. Soon the driver is passing the signs so fast that he or she cannot read the signs. A cop is sitting in his or her vehicle, waiting for someone to go zooming past. Suddenly, an object flashes in front of the vehicle. The radar gun is blinking fast – 242 mph. The vehicle was going 242 miles per hour in a 75. With a flick of a switch, the

  • Driving On The Road Rage

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    Drivers come in many different types, and each has their own characteristics. When you are driving, you can encounter a lot of different types of drivers. The four most known ones are the aggressive driver, the speeder, the kind driver, and the multitasker. All four of these characteristics are very different so you will be able to tell which drivers fall in which categories. Every driver has a destination they are trying to reach and these four characteristics of drivers have a different way of

  • Repairing the Problem with America's Transportation System Essay

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    Repairing the Problem with America's Transportation System  There is a serious problem with our nation's roads and highways.  I find myself repeatedly avoiding trips to the city for this very reason, as I'm sure many others do as well.  This nerve-wracking congestion is even beginning to find its way into the suburbs and surrounding areas of large cities.  It is a   serious problem that affects everyone who owns an automobile, as well as, businesses that are dependent on reliable and convenient

  • Argue for the Limitation of Speed Limits Essay

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    Argue for the limitation of speed limits In American society today, there are numerous laws designed to protect all citizens. One such law is having a speed limit. This requires motorists to drive reasonably and consider the conditions and potential hazards, regardless of what the speed limit signs say. As the automobile demands grew, the streets and highways expanded throughout the US, lawmakers created speed limits. On thee another hand, some citizens believe with modern day road materials

  • Dangers Of Texting While Driving

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    Did you know every day your life is put at risk because of other’s bad driving habits? Well, when I first got my driver’s license I believed I was prepared to drive, but I was wrong. I still needed to learn about all the hazards around myself. Habits are tough to break when becoming attached, even though various habits are illegal. However, speeding, texting while driving, and driving under the influence of alcohol are a few of the many extremely common habits drivers use daily. Speeding is a common