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  • Oil Change Essay

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    How to Get a Good Oil Change People need to understand how to get a good oil change. Many car owners believe that this is a simple service. They also think that anybody can do it. Although these statements contain a few glimmers of truth, it's not as easy as it sounds. Yes it's a simple service on some automobiles. However, on some cars and trucks the maintenance procedure becomes more complicated. Auto repair shops might have to remove belly pans and stone guards to gain access to the drain plug

  • The Importance Of Checking Tire Pressure

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    Summer is here and that means lots of families are hitting the road! Whether you’re going on a weekend trip to see family or taking a cross-country road trip, having a reliable and well maintained vehicle will make your trip safer and more fun. When you purchase a used vehicle from ABC MotorCredit, you can rest assured that your vehicle is dependable and that you’ll be supported if you run into any trouble. Before you hit the road this summer, take care of these simple tasks to keep your vehicle

  • The Automotive Industy's Use of Structural Composite Materials

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    The automotive industry’s use of structural composite materials began in the 1950s. Since those early days, it has been demonstrated that composites are lightweight, fatigue resistant and easily molded to shape. In other words, composite structures are seemingly attractive alternative to metals. Not only are composites used in the field of automotive but in all other fields such as aerospace, construction industry, and the entertainment industry. Composite materials have numerous features that

  • Environmental Factors Of The Automotive Industry

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    human population. The leaders in the automotive industry must adopt some key elements to ensure success in this fast-moving environment. They must invest in knowing their markets, building brands, adapting product strategies and taking long-term view on their goals and objectives. This paper outlines some of the key factors which should be considered. Environmental factors automotive designers and engineers have always said the main threats in the American Automotive industry are the environmental factors

  • Evaluate Auto Repair Estimate Essay

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    uses a standard of cost plus 30 percent on automotive parts. You can keep the shop honest by calling around to find out how much the replacement parts would cost you if purchased in a retail environment. Adding 30 percent to this number is where you want to find yourself when evaluating auto repair estimates. Estimate for Miscellaneous Shop Charges First let's talk about what a miscellaneous shop charge include. Things like waste disposal fees, chemicals used during the auto repair and even shop

  • The Study Of The Ua Developed Ni Doped Dlc

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    a multifaceted market, where the initial identified application was gears for automotive industry. The massive demand for gears in automotive industry constitutes a major percentage of the global gear industry market. This was considered to be the primary target market for this technology. However, customer interviews revealed that there are some issues with the applicability of the coating technology to automotive industry considering cost and production issues. Furthermore, it was understood

  • The Advantages And Disadvantages Of TTIP Agreement

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    TTIP Advantages from an economic perspective, areas of negative impact 600w - 627 TTIP is a trade and investment deal that is being negotiated between the USA and the European Union. The advantages and disadvantages of the TTIP agreement are a topic of intensive debate. Nonetheless, the overall forecasts are rather promising. The US department of State predicts an annual benefit of $130 billion for the US and $163 billion for the EU, as well as a contribution of $140 billion to the world economy

  • Main Competitors And Market Structure

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    MAIN COMPETITORS AND MARKET STRUCTURE Ford has five major competitors and they are General Motors Corporation (GMC), Toyota, Nissan, Chrysler and Honda. Below is a comparative market share graph based on the U.S automobile market between the years of 2012-2013. From the graph it is clear to see that Ford has had, and probably still has, some stiff competition in the U.S automobile market; particularly from General Motors Corporation (GMC) which appears to have a noticeable market dominance and

  • Main Competitors And Market Structure

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    because of General Motors Corporation (GMC). In the year 2005, GMC started offering their consumers the same discount pricing that they offer their employees including their relatives. This unfamiliar strategy forced Toyota, Ford, Chrysler and other automotive manufacturers to retaliate. In order to match General Motors Corporation 's employee-discount plan, Ford started offering their employees rewards up to $1,000 if they managed to convince their relatives and/or friends to purchase their various trucks

  • Environmental Challenges Facing The American Auto Industry Essay

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    INTRODUCTION There are four major factors affecting the automotive industry: technology, market, customers and the most influential factor – environment. Environment is a source of materials, infrastructure necessary for manufacturing but everything is limited. The process of car or automotive manufacturing is very complex regarding the usage of numerous resources and different technologies ( P. Golinska & M. Kosacka). GLOBAL COMPETITION IN THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY Global competition brought about less