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  • The Soldier 's Return By Robert Burns

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    Born in rural Ayrshire in 1759, Robert Burns grew up in a small home with his large family. By the age of twenty- seven, Burns had published his first form of writing. In the midst of his success, Burns was treated as a national celebrity in Scotland. All of his sudden fame was credited to him being the first poet known to stay true to his beliefs, whether he was expressing his principles through writing or living faithfully by them. One of the topics that Robert Burns enjoyed to comment on through

  • A Brief Note On The Local Community Of Kilmaurs, East Ayrshire

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    of Reference On 24 September 2014, Helen Domigan was instructed by Ms Rachel Rae, Communities lecturer, to compile a formal report on my local community of Kilmaurs, East Ayrshire. The written report was to include recommendations and was to be submitted to Ms Rachel Rae on 17 December 2014. Kilmaurs is a village in East Ayrshire, around 2 miles north of Kilmarnock town. The village has a population of approximately 2601 residents. It has substantial history with many of the historic buildings still

  • Ayr Orange Cattle Essay

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    Ayrshire cattle -Origination Ayrshire cattle were first located in Ayrshire Scotland before the 1800’s. It was first referred to as the Dunlop, then the Cuningham and eventually took on the name of the Ayrshire Dairy Cow. -History in US     Ayrshires were first introduced to America in the early 19th century by scottish settlers that were migrating to canada. These dairy cows quickly inhabited Canada, but years later many ended up getting shipped off towards northern New York and New England in

  • Research Paper On Jersey Cows

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    Introduction Where does milk come from? Milk comes from a variety of different cows and each has a unique type of milk. There are five breeds that are at the top of the list Jersey, Guernsey, Holstein, Brown Swiss, and Ayrshire. Continue reading to learn more about these cows. Without dairy cows we would not have milk, cheese, or ice cream. Jersey Jersey cows originated on the island of Jersey which is a small British Island in the English Channel off the coast of France. Jersey Cows are

  • Activity 1 Inclusive Learning Strategies

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    Activity 1 Inclusive learning strategies 1.1 Case study group My case study group are 16 full time, female, level 6 Beauty students at the Ayr Campus of Ayrshire College. All but two are British white and there is one Polish and one Indonesian student, who take a little longer to translate and understand information. This is a third year class but four students had direct entry due to their level of prior educational attainment. I referred five students for PLSPs (personal learning support plans)

  • Social Norms And Gangs: A Case Study

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    Ayrshire Equality Partnership got together three local authorities and their services to link their efforts and minimalize inequality in the area. They aim to develop a number of community initiatives for long-term positive change, build knowledge and skills

  • PETA: From Villain To The Hero's Story

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    PETA, people for the ethical treatment of animals, are the main villain to the heroes of this story, dairy farmers. The story starts out like every other, a happy beginning when a pregnant cow gives birth. As you watch the calf take the first tentative steps, you begin thinking of how adorable the calf is and let the calf suckle its mother to get colostrum, the protein and antibody filled milk humans do not drink. In the instance the calf is a heifer, a female, you take her off her mom after three

  • Named Persons Case Study

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    A survey revealed that Frontline staff who will take on the role of “Named Persons”, once the Scottish Government scheme will be rolled out in August, have growing fears about the implications. Based on the survey conducted by public services union Unison, more than half of the respondents are not prepared for the responsibilities they have to take. There is a unified conclusion that it is not sensible to push ahead with this scheme at this time. There are several concerns that health visitors raised

  • Sample Resume : Work Placement

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    was two projects I was able to be involved with that contained carrying out condition surveys theses where University of Edinburgh and HFS 5 Ayrshire and Arran. University of Edinburgh involved going to all the properties under their estates and carry out condition surveys and HFS 5 Ayrshire and Arran also involved going to all the NHS properties within Ayrshire and Arran. During both these projects I was able to go out n survey with another surveyor and help out with carrying out the condition survey

  • How Did Alexander Fleming Discover Penicillin

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    Alexander Fleming Alexander Fleming was born in East Ayrshire, Scotland on August 6, 1881. Fleming was a biologist and pharmacologist and he became a legend in the medical field for discovering penicillin. Before Fleming discovered penicillin we were in great danger. Many of our people died because there was no cure for any kind of bacteria. After the first world war we had there was too many deaths not only because of the people who lost their lives to protect our country but also because many