Azo compounds

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Diazonuim Salts

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    Introduction: Diazonuim salts are unsaturated compounds which have a trible bond. There was a scientist his name was Griess, this scientist gave Diazo name to diazonuim salts as he thought that two hydrogen atoms in the benzene ring will be replaced by two atoms of nitrogen. Diazonuim salts divided into two types of salts: Aromatic diazonuim salts and alephatic ( non- aromatic) diazonuim salts. Non aromatic salts are less important than aromatic. Under normal conditions, diazonuim salt is highly

  • Preparing Azo Dyes Using Combinatorial Methods For The Formation Of An Azo Dye

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    purpose of this experiment was to prepare azo dyes using the combinatorial approach to show the principles combinatorial chemistry. Using combinatorial synthesis, an array of chemicals can be synthesized by using a parallel synthesis to identify potentially valuable compounds. This electrophilic aromatic substitution reaction involved multiple steps to complete, however, no major techniques were used; only the use of a hot place and an ice bath. The specific azo dyes produced in this experiment used

  • The Decolorization Potential of Microorganisms

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    (complete decolorization in 2 h), while in sterile, cell free medium decolorization did not occur up to 48 h of incubation suggesting the absence of abiotic decolorization. As RO16 showed complete decolorization in 2 h, this industrially important toxic azo dye was taken for further studies. Lysinibacillus sp. RGS could decolorize RO16 rapidly and thus was found to be better than the bacterial consortium DAS reported by Jadhav et al (2011). To confirm the decolorization, UV-Vis spectroscopic analysis was

  • Lab Report On Dyes And Chemicals

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    3.1. DYES AND CHEMICALS Six reactive azo dyes namely, Reactive Violet 5, Reactive Red 2, Reactive Orange 16, Reactive Blue 4, Reactive Black 5 and Reactive Green 19A were generous gifts from Colors India Inc. Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad, India. All these dyes were of industrial grade and are widely used in textile industries. Reactive Violet 5 (vinyl sulfone as a reactive group) and Reactive Red 2 (triazin as a reactive group) were used as model azo dyes in this study. All required chemicals and solvents

  • The Health Of The Common American

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    The health of the common American is almost guaranteed at the center of every joke; from sly comments about Americans only eating fast food, all the way to the chemicals contained in the food. However, the health of one of the leading nations in the world isn 't a laughing matter and it should be taken as seriously as a heart attack. With certain foods Americans have such high stakes against them health wise, a gambling addict wouldn 't bet against it. Red 40, yellow 5, maltodextrin, disodium guanylate/

  • The Importance Of Internet On The Internet

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    Nowadays, internet has been one of the most important things in human’s life. It is an unseen bridge that allows people to access the world. A fast flow of information and communication are what provided in internet. Any information we need is easily gained without limited by time and space. Internet is a huge media to allow humans connect each other. Whatever are the events in one part of the world, will quickly be recognized by those who are on the other side. By the development of information

  • Analysis Of Shel Silverstein 's Works

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    In this fun strategy, students use a “phone,” (usually a rounded piece of plastic, like a PVC pipe) to hear themselves. It is effective for building fluency, since students can focus on their speaking. Additionally, they help to keep students focused on instruction. Students monitor their own reading and the classroom is usually quiet because students are encouraged to whisper (hence the name) so that all students can hear themselves (Cadieux, 2012). This strategy is a simple one: practice. The

  • The Importance Of Spacy

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    ''' @summary: Extracts nouns from the content of the article and get related keywords from wikipedia. Uses third party libraries Spacy and wikipedia. Spacy identifies nouns from the content, For each identified noun word, we do a search in wikipedia to get 50 search results. If any of the search result is in article content, that phrase is taken as a potential keyword along with the noun. @author: Parvathy Mohan ''' #Reference for Spacy implementation import copy from

  • New Words Possimpible, Revertigo And Embiggen

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    Abstract Aside from the closed grammar class, the open word class that consist of a large portion of the whole corpus of English language has been accepting uncountable new wordings from various fields continuously. The purpose of the essay is to analyze a few words that are invented by, and thus went viral for some special reasons in popular TV series within the recent decades. The paper will take insight into new words Possimpible, Revertigo and Embiggen that are brought to the world by famous

  • What Makes A Word?

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    Posted-30/05/2015 by Iain Campbell What Makes a Word, a Word? If a new word or neologism is not created by a lexicographer (the person who compiles a dictionary), or any individual, then who decides what words will be a part of the English language? The speakers of the language are who choose what words are used and which are not. It’s the day to day users of the language introducing and maintaining words, this is what evolves and shapes the way the English language is spoken and understood by the