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  • Research Paper On Bach Flower Therapy

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    Research paper on: Bach Flower Therapy. By: Astrid Hernandez TMAS 101-Fall 2017-Holistic Approach To Wellness Debra Hockemeyer 10/31/2017 Bach Flower Therapy I have suffered with depression, anxiety, and overall bad images of myself, throughout my entire life. I have never really looked out for medical help, other than searching online. Though I never found the Bach Flower Therapy by my mild researching online, I am glad I get to research it now after tragic things have happened

  • Bach Research Paper

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    Holistic Health – Bach Remedies Inner Child and Bach Flowers You probably want to heal your inner child but you don’t know how. The Bach Remedies properly used can help you. The Bach System absolves the “character defects”–your low self-esteem, your anxiety, fears, guilt, etc. What most people don’t know is the source of these weaknesses. They actually radiate upward from deep in the subconscious where the wounds of the inner child are active. The inner child is the record of all the wounding and

  • Five Non-Medical Solutions To Managing Anxiety

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    Some simple and easy solutions to manage anxiousness, today! Are you presently going through heart palpitations, sweaty palms and frightening thoughts because of anxiousness? There are numerous methods to manage anxiety and this article will discuss five non-medical solutions you can try and do to minimize panic and anxiety. At some point in our lives we can experience anxiety because it is a part of a human condition. It is a primal reaction and is associated with the fight flight mechanisms of

  • Herbal and Alternative Remedies

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    HERBAL AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICATIONS Herbal remedies come from plants. If possible, choose a remedy which has been standardized, i.e. the contents are approximately the same in each bottle or tablet you buy. Plant remedies are not always safer than ordinary medicines. All of them can have side-effects and interact with other medicines. Supplements include vitamins, minerals and animal and plant products, such as cod liver oil. They can also have side-effects and interact with other medicines

  • Research Paper On Destructive Dog

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    The Destructive Dog Dogs are social animals, for whom we are the pack or family. When we are absent, they become distressed. Most dogs cope with the inevitable separations from us, but some do not. Expressions of distress in dogs vary from one individual to another : some whine, others lose toilet control, still others are destructive and regress to puppy-like random binges of chewing or scratching. Destructive behaviours seem to provide a satisfying displacement activity or distraction in the anxious

  • The Death Of Andrea Yates Essay

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    A Texas mother named Andrea Yates was freed from prison for the violent murder of her five small children including an infant by reason of insanity. She suffered from severe postpartum psychosis. This form of psychosis can affect mothers after childbirth especially if they already are predisposed to mental illness or depression. During this time a mother can loose her ability to make rational reality based decisions. This is what happened to Andrea Yates and so many other mothers. How can one be

  • Alternative Healing Therapies Versus Western Medicine Essay

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    Alternative Healing Therapies versus Western Medicine “A feeble body makes a feeble mind. I do not know what doctors cure us of, but I know this: they infect us with very deadly diseases, cowardice, timidity, credulity, the fear of death. What matter if they make the dead walk, we have no need of corpses; they fail to give us men, and it is men we need.” Jean-Jacques Rousseau - 18th Century Philosopher I feel that all options should be investigated when it comes

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Traditional Medicine

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    ROS include free radicals such as superoxide anion radicals, hydroxyl radicals and non free-radical species such as hydrogen peroxide etc are exacerbating factors in cellular injury and aging process [39]. Various antioxidant natural remedies derived from plant such as polysaccharides from Angelica sinensis, Aloe vera gel, Eucommia ulmoides Oliver leaf extract possess wound healing by scavenging free radical and promoting collagen synthesis [40]. Antimicrobial activity Microorganisms