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  • Essay On Bachata

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    about 20 years ago the Latin genre of music known as bachata was undesirable in its country of origin. Bachata is known as guitar music that originated in the Dominican Republic during the 1920s around the time when dictator, Rafael Trujillo, took over. The Dominican Republic is right next to Haiti and close neighbors with Cuba. The capital is Santo Domingo and also the largest city in the country. Like many other styles of Latin music bachata came from the poorest social class in the country, it

  • Comparing Merengue Tipico Music Of The Dominican Republic

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    paper will be comparing and contrasting Merengue Tipico music, which is a type of merengue, and bachata music of the Dominican Republic. Merengue and Bachata are the two most popular music genres in the Dominican Republic. These two kinds of music represent the Dominican Republic and its people. Many Dominicans have taken their music and traditions to different parts of the world. Mainly, the Bachata and Merengue have expanded to different cities of the United States and Latin America. Although both

  • Felo Swing Analysis

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    According to him, growing up around both musical genres influenced him to develop a passion for the music. At the same time, it had a big influence on the music he likes and interprets. By my own experience, as a proud Dominican, I could say we have Bachata and Merengue in our blood. Those genres are part of our identity and culture, which shape our views in terms of music. Both genres are characterized by their unique rhythms, and specific ways for dancing. This caused many people to get interested

  • Salsa And Bachata Research Paper

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    As my second quarter taking salsa, I still find it exhilarating. I still want to improve on salsa and bachata. I enjoyed the lessons for salsa and bachata during the showcase because I got to learn some really cool moves for those dances. Even though this is my last quarter in UCSD, I will try to continue improving on my salsa and bachata. My goal is to become comfortable enough to social dance a whole song without thinking too much about what to do next. I want everything to feel natural and just

  • Analysis Of The Odissi Dance From Dominican Republic

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    doesn’t leave a written history trail it is assumed, but not proven, to have originated over 2500 years ago. However, dance continues to evolve even today. Take for example the odissi dance from India that is almost two thousand years old versus the bachata dance from Dominican Republic that is only about 50 years old. Both of these dances originated in complete separate parts of the world at very

  • Pros And Cons Of Latin Music

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    factors and to this day influence specific groups. On an international latino level, this specific community has become highly recognized in today’s world. The Latin Music consists of many sub genres but the most influential ones are Reggaeton, Salsa, Bachata, Samba and Mariachi and Tango

  • Descriptive Essay On Romeo Santos

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    of the Bachata music genre. Before making his two solo albums he was the singer leader of the band Aventura. He gave a live concert on June 20, 2015, at the American Airlines Arena located on 601 Biscayne Blvd of his tour vol2 that I was able to assist. He performed twenty pieces during the concert including some of his most famous songs. “Cancioncitas de amor”, “Yo tambien”, and “Eres mia” were three different pieces that allowed the audience to experience different styles of the Bachata genre.

  • Dominican Republic History

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    The Dominican Republic was founded in the year of 1496 by Diego Columbus, the younger brother to Christopher Columbus. This area became the main base of Spanish activity until the conquest of Mexico. In 1664 the Spanish lost a battle to the French and had to give up the western half of the island known today as Haiti. The island was liberated from Spanish rule by a man named Toussaint L'Ouverture in the 1790s. Toussaint is followed by many people in the rule of Haiti. The most effective of his followers

  • Clear Water Beach In Florida

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    cakes ,pretzels ,cheese fries ,smoothies ,milk shakes . There was also shows of entertainments and music going on; gigglers, dancers, clowns for the kids, comedians. Bands where there locals and Hip-hop artist, they played Hispanic music such as bachata, merengue and salsa. I got my first Henna tattoo it was a very pretty, by the time it was time to leave I was exhausted but not ready to go. It was such an amazing time I did not want to go home. I wish I could have taken the beach, boar walk and

  • Samba Dance Research Paper

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    forward or backward movement while shifting weight between the feet, dancers add a quick three-step set. The steps give the dance the "cha cha cha" name that the dancers use to count these steps. * Bachata This dance style originated from the Dominican Republic. Named after music made by the Bachata guitar, the dance is a 'three step and pause' dance style where the dancers move from side to side following a four-beat pattern. Dancers use pronounced hip movements and the style is more about moving