Back in Black

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  • Ac / Dc Essay

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    Bon Scott and within that same year, AC/DC acquired Brian Johnson and made their first album together Back in Black. They released the classic song “Back in Black”, but there are many misheard lyrics in that song. Musically, it makes you think you can conquer the world and nothing could stop you. As a tribute to their late singer, Bon Scott, the band dedicated the album to him. To date, Back in Black is AC/DC’s best-selling album,

  • Amy Winehouse Eating Disorder

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    Back to Black. This term, made popular by Amy Winehouse, refers to one going back to what is familiar but not necessarily good for them. In Amy’s case, her “safe haven” was cocaine after her boyfriend introduced the drug to her and repeatedly left her for his former girlfriend. In the 2016 Academy Award winning documentary, Amy (2016), Director Asif Kapadia uses footage of Amy Winehouse’s life and career to argue the adversities and the downfall that addiction ultimately leads to. Amy is a film

  • Personal Narrative: Back In Black

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    AC/DC’s “Back in Black” blared over the weight room’s speakers as I first sized up a dull iron bar. Staring straight ahead at the blank white wall, time slowed down. I racked my brain trying to recall what I had seen the lifters around me do. Phil, our weight room coach, commanded me, “Get over the bar.” I inched closer to the weight, toes beneath the bar, and attempted to lift it first off the ground, and then up on top of my shoulders. My back caved under the pressure, my knees buckled beneath

  • Amy Winehouse Sociology

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    Every individual during some point in their life has experienced a bad day or perhaps a rough patch. The feeling of an overwhelming sensation of hopelessness can be without a doubt exhausting. For several individuals, the aid from family and loved ones is necessary when trying to recover. However, for Amy Winehouse, it seems as if every inner-struggle the star had brewing inside was swept under the rug by her mother and father. It is evident that ignoring mental health issues will never have a positive

  • Ac/Dc Back In Black Analysis

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    AC/DC Back in Black album was recorded in the spring of 1980 and it was the seventh studio album of the Australian band, and it was released on July, 25 1980 by Albert Productions and Atlantic Records. The album is a consistent throughout keeping the hard rock style that made AC/DC one of the biggest hard rock bands of all time. In 1980 there were other rock albums such as Judas Priest “British steel”, Van Halen “Women and Children First”, and Motorhead “Ace of Spades” to name a few that challenged

  • The Black Mirror Episode, Be Right Back

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    The Black Mirror Episode, Be Right Back, invokes deep concerns within society about how human cloning relates to privacy, ethics, and human rights. Be Right Back, follows the story of young Martha and Ash, a married couple living in what is presumably the modern day United Kingdom. When Ash dies, Martha uses a version of cloning where an A.I. program analyzes online data, such as social media and emails, as well as personal pictures and videos, to create a program of the deceased loved one. The

  • Analysis Of Back To Black By Sylvia Plath

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    Amy Winehouse and Sylvia Plath both explore how little control they have over their selves. Winehouse in Back to Black expresses her lack of control by using the metaphor of rolling up a pipe like a ‘tiny penny’. This is an oxymoron that explains her inner turmoil as her relationship has broken. This is exemplified by Winehouse’s use of pronouns. In the first stanza of Back to Black, Winehouse uses third person pronouns to distance herself from the events. However, in later stanzas Winehouse changes

  • Black Betty: Traced Back To The Revolutionary War

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    The song Black betty can be traced back all the way back to the Revolutionary War. The term “Black Betty had a child” means that her child is a musket called the Brown Bess. “Darn thing gone wild” means that the Musket ball would hit anything from friend to foe. “The child is blind” means that the musket ball would hit a child and the shooter would not be responsible. When they say “She’s from birmingham” means that’s where muskets were made for the colonials. Ben Franklin also quoted in the “Drinker's

  • Artificial Intelligence In Black Mirror's Be Right Back

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    In the Black Mirror episode, “Be Right Back”, Ash and Martha are a couple in the process of moving into Ash’s empty childhood home when Ash dies suddenly in a car accident. Racked with grief, Martha chooses to utilize a software technology that takes all of Ash’s “digital” presence (videos, photos, audio, social media posts, etc.) and recreates Ash’s personality to allow her to speak with this new A.I version of him via the phone and online. After a while, Martha decides she wants more and opts

  • Back In Black: Australian Rock Band AC/DC

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    Back in Black Back in Black is the seventh studio album by the Australian rock band AC/DC. Produced by Robert John "Mutt" Lange, the album was released on 25 July 1980 by Albert Productions and Atlantic Records. By the late 1970s, AC/DC began to get popularity around the world and not just in their home country of Australia. In 1979, they recorded their international breakthrough, Highway to Hell. Shortly before the recording of their follow-up, lead vocalist Bon Scott died after a night of heavy