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  • The Benefits Of Swimming As A Sport In History

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    Swimming Swimming is a sport and activity that has existed for centuries, ever since the Stone Age. During the Stone Age men learned to swim to cross rivers and lakes. The activity itself was not practiced frequently until the 19th century. Great Britain started competitive swimming in early 19th century. They held many competitions and since then the activity started to become more well known and started to evolve throughout history. It became known as a sport and it benefited many people. When

  • Persuasive Speech On Swimming

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    As the buzzer bleeps the people are blasting from the wall. They treaded through the water just like sharks chasing their prey. The audience is staying still wondering who will win. Swimmer 3 is in the lead. Wow! Swimmer 5 just passed Swimmer 4 and all the way up to Swimmer 3. Swimmer 5 is just about to finish, but Swimmer 3 is on his tail. Swimmer 1 and 2 should speed it up or it’s over. Swimmer 5 is almost there. 25 meters away, 15 meters away, 10 and 5 meters. Finished! Super! Swimmer 3 beat Swimmer

  • Creative Writing: Swimmers

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    “Swimmers step up,” the announcer was starting me for my first IM (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle). I stepped up to the block my knees shaky and I was feeling weak as my stomach was turning in knots. I tightened my goggles and stepped up to the block. “Take your mark” I bent down ready to leap off the block and then “BEEEEP”. Before I knew it I was in the water swimming butterfly in the icy cold water. All that I had been feeling before was gone the shakiness, the weakness

  • Olympic Sports History

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    from China swam the 800m freestyle in 7:32 in 2009. Sun Lang from China swam the 1500 m freestyle in 2009. Liam Tancock from Great Britain swam the 50m backstroke in 51.85 in 2009. Ryan Murphy from from the U.S swam the 100m backstroke in 51.85 in 2009 and 2016. Aaron Perisol from the U.S swam the 200m backstroke in 1.51 in 2009 and the 50m backstroke in 2017. Ippei Watanabe of Japan swam the 200m breaststroke in 2.06 . Rafael Ramos of Spain swam

  • Free College Admissions Essays: My Passion In Swimming

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    second year of swimming, I made it to Mid-Caps, in a relay. I did not medal that year, but it taught me that I had to keep working vigorously to achieve my goal. My goal was achieved when I was eight, when I achieved first place in the twenty-five backstroke. As I progressed to higher levels of swimming, including high school, I experienced the true meaning about swimming. Sweat dripping down my

  • Informative Speech On Swimming

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    Homework 8a speech 2 Luke Hightower 9-29-17 Attention Getter: Ladies and gentlemen my name is Luke Hightower and i am hear to talk to you about swimming now let's dive ring in to this speech. Credibility statement: Ever since the 6th grade i have been swimming competitively and sense starting this speech i have been doing alot of research on this topic so you can make your own opinion on if you should do swimming. Thesis: The reasons you should do swimming. Preview: To show the Counterpoints

  • PE Classroom Pool Analysis

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    front as far as possible, and pulling the water back behind you while kicking in a fluttering motion. The motion of your arms should look like a windmill spinning. In the backstroke, the swimmer has his or her back facing the bottom of the pool while flutter kicking their feet and doing their arm strokes. The way the backstroke is different is because with the arm stroke your arm is going in the opposite direction as the freestyle stroke and you must let your outside little finger enter the water

  • My Butterfly Research Paper

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    without dying. I race for my life with a depleted amount of oxygen. The first 50 was easy. This was my butterfly, and I made it seem effortless, but then came backstroke. The after effects of doing butterfly is causing me to circulate more oxygen than I can offer. My breaths are becoming shorter and shorter. After finishing the backstroke, I now have 100 more meters to go. First comes breastroke. That was easy because breastroke is the easiest stroke for me to do, but then came the last 50-the freestyle

  • Reflection Paper On Sectionals

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    Sectionals, a very prestigious swim meet that is hard to swim in. This swim meet takes a whole season to get ready for, and you have to meet standards for it. To get to Sectionals you have to have very fast times and make cuts. When I set goals that season this was one of them. Through the months, prior to this swim meet, I had to train hard for it. It would take a lot of commitment, sweat, and get the times to be able to smell the chlorine of that pool in Greensboro in March. The three things

  • YMCA Dolphin Swim Analysis

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    Being tall, lanky, and uncoordinated (and therefore not particularly good at traditional sports), I was signed up for the Wallingford YMCA Dolphin swim team when I was 10 years old. I certainly wasn’t a Michael Phelps, but I definitely found more success in swimming than baseball, soccer, or basketball, so I stuck with it. During the next few years, I continued to improve my technique in all four strokes, and other intricate parts of swimming including starts (dives), turns, and finishes. I eventually