Bactrian Camel

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  • Life Along the Silk Road Essay

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    northern China there was a vogue for beautiful pottery figurines of camels laden with caravan goods or ridden by obviously non-Chinese merchants, musicians, or entertainers. Non-Chinese camel figurines found in Mesopotamia carry loads that duplicate the distinctive appearance of the loads on the Chinese figurines. So it is clear that by the time of the rise of Islam in the seventh century, contact across the Silk

  • Animals Of The Desert Is Not The Only Thing They Excel At

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    When one imagines the master of survival, a camel just might come to mind. After all, these tall, lanky creatures are known to be one of the few animals to survive in the harsh conditions of the desert. The camel may come off as an awkward animal, but it is truly a professional when it comes to adapting. These adaptations are what make this mammal unique from all others. However, surviving the intense heat of the desert is not the only thing they excel at. These magnificent beings lack predators

  • The group of pastoral people of India that particularly interested me the most was the Raika. They

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    animal they herd, the camel. Their entire culture is centered on the noble desert creature, in their stories on the creation of their people it is said that lord Shiva created them in order to tend and protect the camels of Pavrati (n.d. Protocol). They aren’t a fully nomadic people, there semi-nomadic group (2008, April 27). They naturally consume lots of milk and milk products like cheeses and yogurts, because of their camel herding history. Their diet is centered on camel

  • What Makes A Good Livestock Animal?

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    Alpacas and Llamas What makes a good livestock animal? Many things are to be considered when choosing a livestock animal. Every animal is raised for different reasons. Llamas and Alpacas are some examples of livestock animals. While llamas and alpacas seem similar, they have many differences. Llamas are slightly bigger than alpacas and have many physical differences. Other than physical differences, llamas and alpacas have different purposes. Both animals are good livestock animals to raise, but

  • The Mystery of the Camel Corporation

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    Mystery of The Camel Corp. In the middle of the 1800’s an idea sparked in several people’s minds, the use of camels in the great American desert. Several people created a couple companies to get the idea running. However those original companies failed. The idea really took off with Jefferson Davis became involved. Camels started being imported and used by the military but not without a few hurdles. The Camel Transportation Company, later renamed Dromedary Line, was the first camel company to

  • Ban On Tobacco Advertising And The Conflict Of Interest That It Presents

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    Ban on Tobacco Advertisement in India The discussion of advertising tobacco products is a controversial topic, there are relevant points on both sides of the argument, so it is hard to determine a true ethical decision. India’s government announced the bill banning tobacco companies from advertising their products in February 2001, their goal is to prevent adolescents from taking up smoking or any other form of tobacco products. Initiating this bill is the government answer to an ethical challenge

  • Australian Camels Essay

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    Australian Camels The livestock of man has been distributed throughout the world. Horses, cattle, sheep, pigs and goats can be found on every continent of the planet, with the exception of Antarctica. These common animals supply man with food, materials, and transportation. For thousands of years men have bred these animals for specific purposes. Horses have been bred for work and racing. Cattle have been selectively bred to supply more meat and live in different conditions.

  • Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus

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    Author: John Larigakis, Boston University April, 2014 Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) Since its first description in 2012 by Dr. Ali Zaki1 the Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus has been confirmed in the infection of 206 individuals and has resulted in 86 deaths2. The disease resulting from MERS-CoV infection presents with a fever of greater than 100.4ᵒF, acute respiratory distress syndrome and pneumonia associated with acute renal failure1. The origin of

  • My Trip To Egypt : My Dreams Of Visiting Egypt

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    something inside of me changed and that when I decided I was going to follow my dreams of visiting Egypt. My mom had always wanted me to follow my dreams and to have experiences and so when I visit Egypt I want to explore the massive pyramids, ride camels, try new foods and have life changing experiences. To start, after I was settled into this delightful hotel. I decided to do what I’ve always dreamed of, exploring the pyramids. So I hopped into my rent a car and drove to the

  • Descriptive Zoo

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    The Zoo It was cloudy Friday night, and my friend Keri and her mom Mrs.Jenny was coming over at 9:00pm and boy was I happy, but they got here late, but it was fine with me because I was thinking to myself you are going to have to whole day tomorrow and I was so excited. Then they got here we talked and got sleep arrangements set and went to bed late like everyone would do on a Friday night. But it was Saturday and that is went it got weird. We got up and had a delicious breakfast, we had pancakes