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  • Guns, Germs, and Steel Study Guide Essay

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    AP World History Summer Reading Assignment Guns, Germs, and Steel Chapter 1: Up to the Starting Line Q: What was the Great Leap Forward? Describe the life of a Cro-Magnon person. What impact did the arrival of humans have on big animals? Provide an example. Which continent had a head start in 11,000 BCE (Before Common Era)? A: the great leap forward was when human history first began to take off and the humans at that time began to become more like us modern humans today. The humans that

  • Biodiversity Hotspot of the Mountains of Central Asia

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    Biodiversity Hotspot of the Mountains of Central Asia Central Asia is associated with seven countries: Western China, Southern Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, northeastern Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan. Central Asia has many sub-regions, a wide range of altitude belts, and surrounded by some world’s highest mountain ranges, such as the Tien Shan and the Pamir, the latter is known as the “roof of the world”. The mountains of Central Asia have a high level of biological diversity due

  • Guns Germs and Steel Chapter Summary

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    Prologue: Yali’s Question Jared Diamond has done extensive field work in New Guinea.  His indigenous New Guinean politician friend Yali asked why whites had been so successful and arrived with so much "cargo" compared to the locals.  Diamond rephrases this question: why did white Eurasians dominate over other cultures by means of superior guns, population-destroying germs, steel, and food-producing capability?  Diamond’s main thesis is that this occurred not because of racial differences in intelligence

  • Question Set 1_ENVI Essay

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    ENVS 105 Question Set Section #1 Fall 2014 Answer the following questions for your homework. Work on the questions after we have covered the topic in class. Bring any questions to class or office hours. These questions will help you on the exam. If you do not do them, the points will add up and hurt your grade. To get credit, you must: Answer all questions Answer all parts of each question Type your answers Do complete and conscientious work Write out, number, and letter all questions Use regular

  • Guns Germs and Steel Book Study

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    Taylor Shockley Guns, Germs, and Steel A. YORK Period 4 Research: Write a short biography of the author, include information about his areas of research, books written, and prizes awarded. Jared Diamond is a professor at the University of California He wanted wrote Guns, Germs, and Steel, which won the Britain’s 1998 Rhone-Poulenc Science Book Prize and Pulitzer Prize. He also wrote Collapse: How Societies choose to Fail or Succeed. Jared has been on 22 expeditions to New Guienea and islands

  • Business Environment of Pre-British India

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    BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT OF PRE-BRITISH INDIA PROJECT BY: BHAVANA BHATIA-7 REUBEN DANTES-9 CRYSTAL D’SOUZA-11 ALISHA PEREIRA-38 TANUSHREE SHARMA-47 GAURAV TALERA-52 Executive Summary It is the past which shapes what we become in the present. Most of what we do and follow today has been decided in the past which is why we have to understand who we were to become who we have to be. India is one of the few civilizations which has been in existence for more than 5000 years. India is a homogenous culture