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  • Bad Influence On Children

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    the fact that they have been allowing minors to check out books that contain explicit material. I agree with the outraged townspeople due to the fact that I believe that if you expose children to explicit material or language, I feel that it can influence the child in a negative way. This could potentially alter the child's behavior in a negative manner. I also feel that the parent of a child should be able to decide what their child is or is not allowed to check out and read. I feel that everything

  • Swim's Bad Influence

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    present for a trip to the amusement park. All those who have left a mark on us, we remember. Except we often neglect to acknowledge one of our most frequent and favored influences. In America, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who did not grow up watching TV. We all have been raised by the TV, but the implications of its influence vary greatly. I was lucky enough to have a lenient mother who did not censor what I could watch; not that my mom had much of a choice on what I

  • Barbie Bad Influence

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    for many young girls for decades. Some girls do not see Barbie as a role model, some see Barbie as a role model in different jobs and activities, and some see Barbie as a role model for appearance. While there are different opinions about Barbie’s influence on appearance, many young girls are affected by Barbie’s unrealistic body expectations. Different views and opinions are discussed throughout CNN’s article, written by Emanuella Grinberg, Why it Matters What Barbie Looks Like. Many people, including

  • A Better Person InThe Alchemist, By Paulo Coelho

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    In the novel, The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, Santiago learns, “When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.” First, good came after bad. Next, Santiago helps people who eventually help him. Last, important lessons make Santiago become a better person. First, good came after bad. For example, while Santiago is at Tarifa after he is robbed, he meets a crystal merchant who allows him to clean his shop, which results in him getting a job there. “‘When they

  • The Influence Of Art On The Good And The Bad

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    considerations that an individual who yields a certain level of power must make. This idea reins true in every aspect of life to include the vast world of art. Art is, without question, very powerful. Art has the ability to influence people and cause change in their lives in both the good and the bad. According to the Chicago Sun Times actor Bill Murray’s life was saved once by Jules Breton’s famous painting Song of a Lark. The actor admitted that the painting stopped him from having suicidal thoughts and gifted

  • Snoop Dogg Bad Influence

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    “Chick is lookin' at me strange, but you know I don't care” versus “and my b*tch says she miss me, I’ve been gone too long”. The first quotation is spat by a very famous rapper from the 90s, Snoop Dogg, in the song The Next Episode (released 1999). The other is a top rap single from this past week from the rapper Tyga. Both of these quotes are from the clean version of their respected song, so these versions are the ones getting played on the radio. The word chick in The Next Episode is originally

  • Social Influences Of Social Media

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    Influence of Social Media Nowadays, social media has a big influence in our society. Who is didn’t use social media? Almost everyone use Social Media. Indonesia ranked 6th as the most Social Media users. After China, US, India, Brazil, and Japan. Our teenagers are so active in social media. Maybe they could be online in social media almost 24-hours per-day. But there’s a good and bad effects of social media. So, there’s some of bad and good effects of social media that we will discuss here. People

  • Do People Deserve Second Chances In 'The First Stone' By Don Aker

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    Do people deserve second chances? We need to learn from what we did wrong and remember to not repeat them again. From this we can look back and reflect and analyze the consequences then seperate what is right and what is wrong. In the story “The first stone” by Don Aker, the protagonist named Reef decides to throw a stone at a windshield of a car that eventually puts an innocent girl named Leeza in a terrible condition. After the news are spread around, Reef must undergo the consequences. His

  • Essay about Mary Downing Hahn's The Old Willis Place

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    The Old Willis Place is believable because there is round characters, dynamic characters, and a common setting. You would want to read this book because it has an important message inside. The message is to always follow the rules, and if you don’t bad things will happen. It teaches you why

  • Argumentative Essay Buy Nothing Day

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    Buy Nothing Day The first ever Buy Nothing Day was held in Canada on 1992. Buy Nothing Day was organized as a day where no goods would be purchased, and as a result of this boycott of goods it would raise awareness of the ethical and environmental implications of overconsumption. This is a great and innovative idea that gives publicity to a neglected issue, which is the implications of overconsumption. Nowadays people do not realize how much damage overconsumption actually does to our world. They