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  • I Don 't Know How She Did It

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    I don’t know how she did it, but somehow that poor excuse for a professor got me to do her dirty bidding for her. It was early in the morning on this lukewarm Wednesday. (Or would it be better if I said, it was earlier this morning? Who cares.) My car, a blue 1965 Ford Mustang I rarely drive, needed its yearly tune-up, so, like any other car owner would do, I dropped it off at the mechanic nearest to the school. There was a horrendous problem, though. IT WAS A TEN-MINUTE WALK TO THE SCHOOL! Naturally

  • Personal Narrative: An Undertale Fanfic By Takumi-Artisan

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    An Undertale Fanfic Takumi-Artisan Prologue I had never really been a good listener always doing the OPPOSITE of what my parents said and they alway said i would regret it one day, But i didn't think it would actually happen Where am I Why is this place so weird And why is that thing talking to me! A Quick Start to Danger It was just another day in the village/town quiet as always Aki,Hana,and I had just gotten out of school if you could call it that our village was so small we couldn't even

  • Standard Practice For Mobile Application Development

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    Standard Practice For Mobile Application Development In The Android Platform Anupam Roy Student ID: 3476584 May 15, 2015. Executive Summary In current Mobile era, mobile computing and mobile applications play an important role in our daily life. mobile devices face the limited memory resources and low processing power of Mobile Terminals problems. For this reason, standard mobile application development procedure and deployment decisions are very important for developing applications

  • Technology And The Mobile Applications

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    Abstract—Location based services and location tacking applications are gaining much popularity among the youngsters and designing such an android mobile application is also expected to have much attraction among users. Designing such an application is our project idea. Although many new applications provide such facilities user’s privacy is not up to the mark. Moreover this location hunter tracks the location of the other user when a call is made, and only those phones in the paired networks will

  • The Advantages of Using Linux

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    Android is an operating system that was built upon the very popular Linux kernel. Its main focus has always been that of providing one of the best options for an operating system that will work for touchscreen devices. Those devices typically include various smart phones as well as what has been a newer craze as of late, tablets. Android was originally a self-operated company, however it was eventually bought out by Google, who was its greatest financial support. Linux itself is a very old operating

  • Essay on Google: The Quest to Balance Privacy with Profits

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    Google: The Quest to Balance Privacy with Profits Miami Dade College Business Ethics Abstract Google is the most popular search engine that the world uses on an everyday basis. Sergey Brin and Larry Page created Google in 1998. What started out to be a small search engine and ranking system are now the worlds most profitable Internet companies of our time. Google has created many products today that have changed the world of technology, products such as Google+

  • Case 5 Analysis – Google’s Country Experience: France, Germany, Japan

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    Background Summary Founded on September 4, 1998 Google quickly revolutionized the search engine and the Internet alike. Within two years of starting operations Google had become the largest single search engine in the world and began to dominate the market. As the World Wide Web (web) grew in popularity and became more and more a part of everyone’s daily life, Google too grew in popularity “because it could provide simple, fast, and relevant search results” (Deresky, 2011). The differentiating

  • A Research Project On Google

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    INTRODUCTION Google began as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they were pursuing their PhD in Stanford University in January 1996. They found a new technology called PageRank, where it determined a website’s relevance by number of pages rather than the conventional counting mechanism of search terms in the page. Initially they named their search engine BlackRub but eventually they changed it to Google and the domain was registered on September 15, 1997. The company started in

  • Information Through Different Websites And Monmouth Library Database Search

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    Abstract This paper explains about the differences about searching main term through different websites and Monmouth library database search. It also explores how a search result differs with search limits. The paper also includes how to find an article which has full text available versus full text not available. Today, Telehealth is used with telecommunications technology to provide a care with quality, safety and cost saving when patients need it and where they need it (Henderson, K., Davis, T

  • Apple 's Siri And Google Voice Search

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    According to, an average of 12 billion web searches is conducted each month in the US. SEO will become more important because it helps you drive quality traffic to your website, get visibility, boost your brand exposure and lend your business the credibility it needs to succeed (Gaurav Kumar, 2016). Marketers can not only say that SEO is far from dead, but also can say that it is grown more complex and more important for business. Here are five SEO trends, which I think will be crucial