Bae Yong Joon

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    also in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam (Chen, 2016). In Japan, the single Korean drama that made a huge impact was Winter Sonata starring Bae Yong Jun shown in 2003 (Chua, 2008). The drama specifically Bae Yoong Jun was able to establish a strong fan base of middle-age women in Japan. He even earned the title ‘Yon-sama’ and ‘Lord Yong’. After the Korea dramas, it is said that the second wave of Hallyu is brought by the Korean popular music or K-pop. Same with the dramas, it also started

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    The Korean Wave

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    Trending Worldwide: Korean Wave Rosanna Danica B. Maguad TRENDING WORLDWIDE: KOREAN WAVE Unlike in the past, Philippine Media is now a combination of various Asian entertainments. It imports TV series and movies from neighboring Asian countries. Imported movies are then dubbed in Filipino and streamed in our country. ABS-CBN, one of the top TV stations in the country, started to explore foreign TV series last 2003. This was “Meteor Garden,” a Taiwanese drama series. Because of the boom of the

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