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  • My Vacation To The Bahamas : My Trip To Bahamas, Bahamas

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    Vacation to Nassau, Bahamas When I was in eighth grade I went on my first trip out of the country to Nassau, Bahamas. Going on this trip was one of the most exciting and unforgettable times of my life. Not only was it a fun experience, it was also the first time I realized that I love traveling. While there I was lucky enough to visit many places, such as Blue Lagoon Island and the beautiful Atlantis Resort, and immerse myself in the Bahamian culture. My time in The Bahamas was not my only great

  • The Country Of The Bahamas

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    topics, for example politics, culture, historical, climate and tourist attraction, this is just a small amount that can make up a country national identity. The country that this writing assignment is specifically about the one country of The Bahamas. The Bahamas as a country has many elements to its national identity and many of those elements will be discussed in detail throughout this paper. The first component of that national

  • The Bahamas: A Thriving Nation

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    The Bahamas: A Thriving Nation The Bahamas is a thriving nation! The British controlled the Bahamas until it won its independence in 1973. (“Remembering Our Past” 2014) Bahaman culture is very diverse, with intriguing cuisine; many represented religions, interesting and familiar holidays, beautiful clothing, and much more. In the Bahamas the economy is steadily developing, it is dependent on tourism and offshore banking. Bahaman resources include salt, aragonite, and timber. (“Central America a

  • Advantages Of Tourism In The Bahamas

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    tourism industry today is a big business for a country, it is the number one industry of The Bahamas. It is the migration of individuals from one place to another for a short period of time. Tourism in The Bahamas accounts for seventy percent of the country’s national income and employs fifty percent of the population. Tourism is further considered the main source of The Bahamas income. Tourism in The Bahamas may have several impact on the country both good and bad. According to the Research & Statistics

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Bahamas

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    Back in the summer of 2007, my family decided to board a plane and travel to the Bahamas for our vacation. When we got there, we were able to go around to many different places. One of the very first things my family decided to do was going down to the beach. Afterwards, we walked over to the pool to hang out. Later on in the week, my parents decided that we were all going to swim with dolphins. Throughout our trip, we were able to explore the area and experience many memorable events. Out of all

  • Change in Population of the Bahamas 1775-1789

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    Between 1775 and 1789 the population of the Bahamas increased substantially. During this period the Treaty of Versailles returned the Bahamas territory to British rule and Florida to Spanish rule. These events created an exodus of loyalists, seeking sanctuary in the Bahamas as they evacuated Florida. Thus the majority of immigrants to the Bahamas came from Florida, however this reduced in March 1785. New York also provided Bahamas with 1000 refuges. Which is reflected in the instance where, Sir

  • The Bahamas Is A Place Full Of Amazing Things And Wonders

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    The Bahamas is a place full of amazing things and wonders. Seeing pictures of this place makes me want to visit through out my life people that would visit would always tell me “If there’s ever a time that you want to visit a place with different water resorts and historic land marks the Bahamas is the place to go.” Some people go to see celebrity grave sights such as Anna Nicole Smith and her son, some just go to get away and be by the water to get there mind off of things. Some just go for surprises

  • The Beautiful Chain of Islands Called the Bahamas

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    The Bahamas The Bahamas is a chain of amazing islands, full of palm trees and beautiful beaches and shores. It is located in the North Atlantic Ocean. Its neighbors are Florida from the southeast and Cuba from the northeast. Strolling on that clear blue water along with some of the Bahamas’s 377,544 people, would be an amazing experience. Just smelling the fresh air would make you forget all your troubles, and relax. Just a long, flat coral and some low rounded hills all in one place including

  • Descriptive Essay About Cars

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    irritated easily. One time my mother and two sisters and my three friends and their mother drove down to Florida and went on a cruise to the Bahamas. It took about seventeen hours to get to Florida. There were eight people in a cramped car for hours on end. My mother and and her friend Becky got tickets for a four day cruise ship that leaves from Florida to the Bahamas for about two hundreds dollars a person. We had to drive from Indiana to Florida . We left at midnight on a cold January day so most of

  • Gambling Legalization

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    win a prize). (Oxford dictionary) Many have their own opinions about gambling and at this time gambling is not legally practiced here in The Bahamas. “Such a move would bring an end to an illicit industry that makes tens of millions of dollars a year and which employs hundreds; but which contributes little to the general good of the Bahamian people.” (The Bahama Journal 2008). There are many aspects of gambling that can indeed be looked upon positively. “Gambling comes in many forms, including betting