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  • The Pearl Greed

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    The novella “The Pearl” by John Steinbeck follows the story of a pearl, the hope, and evil that it carries which consumes Kino and the city of La Paz. in this story we are going to witness the decision Kino make and how that drastically affects his life. Thus, throughout five paragraphs, I am going to be talking about the tragedy of Kino and his family, but most importantly who or what is responsible. I argue that greed, culture, anger, happiness, luck, death, and evil are all significant aspects

  • Kino And Juana Alternate Ending

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    Kino and Juana headed towards the forest as the soundless night grew and they knew that some evil person would follow and eventually kill them. Coyotito was still sound asleep and Juana hung him around her hip as she walked with Kino. Suddenly, Kino came to a stop and warned Juana that he heard footsteps and he knew that someone was following them. They heard the click of the carbine and figured that they had to hide before the devil fired. They ran until they were sure that no one was there but

  • The Pear Book Report : The Pearl By John Steinbeck

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    The Pear Book Report Alejandro Gonzalez 5th period “Letter to the Author” The Pearl, written by John Steinbeck, takes place in La Paz Mexico. The begins with a description of the family in the first few pages of the book. The family consists of, a couple, and one toddler. Juana, the wife of Kino, and mother of Coyotito. After the description of the family, the book continues with a scary problem. Coyotito is sleeping and as he is sleeping, Kino notices a scorpion crawl down the rope that is connected

  • Mexican Pearl

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    In this story a Mexican-Indian pearl diver named Kino awakens to the sound of crowing roosters. Kino lives near the village of La Paz, on the Pacific coast of the Baja Peninsula. His house is made out of brush and bundles of straw fastened together to make walls and a roof. He also has a makeshift cradle hanging from the roof of the hut, where his infant son, Coyotito, sleeps. Kino also has a wife Juana laying down on the mat. Juana rises to check on Coyotito and also starts a fire. Kino also gets

  • The Book Summary In John Steinbeck's 'The Pearl'

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    The book The Pearl takes place in a small fishing village in La Paz, Mexico. The main characters are from an Indian tribe that live on the beach in brush houses, since Spaniards have kicked them out of their homes. There is a poor fisherman named Kino, his wife Juana, and their son Coyotito. One day Coyotito gets stung by a scorpion, but the family cannot support the cost of the treatment, so they go and try to find a pearl to then sell. When looking in the water, Kino finds a magnificent, shiny

  • Major Characters In The Song Of The Pearl

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    Kino is the main protagonist and is a dignified, hard-working pearl diver that cares very much for his wife and son. Juana is Kino’s wife and believes in her spirituality and that it would save her son. Coyotito is Kino and Juana’s son who got stung by a scorpion one morning. Minor characters (one-sentence description of each) Juan Thomas is Kino’s older brother and deeply loyal and supportive towards his family. Apolonia is Juan Thomas’s wife and the mother of four children and is sympathetic

  • The Pearl Of The World Essay

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    The Pearl of the World is a symbol of hope and new chance when the story begins, buts its meaning and purpose are completely redesigned throughout the book. When he first finds the pearl, Kino dreams of what the pearl will bring to him, but doesn’t realize that it could bring him to his downfall. Later on, it is realized that the pearl has brought more evil into his life than good, but Kino refuses to give it up. The pearl brought about a connection between Kino and the neighbors, which hadn’t had

  • The Sonoran Desert : The Desert

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    1. The Sonoran Desert The term desert is strongly connected to the image of an extremely harsh environment void of any life. The sand dunes at the Gulf of California would fit this description of a desert biome, but for large parts the Sonoran Desert has a stunning array of different organisms. The defining character of a desert is usually low levels of rainfall with under 25 cm per year. Additional to that, the relationship between rainfall and the evaporated and transpired water must be taken

  • The Kumeyaay People of California Essay

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    THE KUMEYAAY PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA by Your Name (boldface) ANTH 100: Non-Western Cultures and the Western Tradition Instructor: Dr. Steven R. James Nov. 10, 2014 INTRODUCTION In my quest to study the life of the ancient California inhabitants, I visited the San Diego Museum of Man which is an anthropological museum situated in Balboa Park, San Diego, California. The museum was established in the year 1915 as a result of the Panama-California Exposition where several exhibits were displayed with

  • Reflection Paper

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    take into consideration what other people want. When my father came back from the United States, he came with great news that we could finally return with him and finally escape poverty. And yes, we did escape and came to live in San Bernardino, California where I attended school with better clothes never made fun at and also I made new friends and getting good grades. Then I join this