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  • Speech On The Eureka Stockade

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    introduced by the government. (CHANGE SLIDE) These laws included weekly gold license checks ran by Robert Rede, goldfield commissioner. If a miner did not own a licence they would suffer major consequences. (CHANGE SLIDE) The Eureka Rebellion occurred in Ballarat East, Victoria on December the 3rd 1854 at the time of 4:45 am. The battle lasted 20 minutes with a result of 22 diggers and 5 soldiers killed. (CHANGE SLIDE) Many actions lead up to this historical event. An action which started this rebellion is

  • Ballarat Summary

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    In 2013 ABC News reported Ballarat has the higher rate of crime compared to New York. Later on, in 2015, ABC News has reported Ballarat has the higher rate of crime, compared to some suburbs in Melbourne. Crime has been a significant issue of Ballarat since 2013. Crime Statistic Agency of Victoria 2016 revealed that the highest division of offences that frequently occurred is property and deception offence (arson, theft, deception and burglary), and it rose 10.6% from 2015. The factors that influencing

  • Gold Museum Ballarat

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    Doctor Blake Gold Museum Ballarat Film production and Art exhibiting may seem like two different worlds. The pop culture exhibition of Ballarat's Gold Museum of Doctor Blake, depicts Ballarat's golden era of the 1950's. The subtext of the popular cultural was created to add the platform of a formal exhibition for this major production. The relationship and context on why the Gold Museum showcases this production lays in the heart of cityscape. Ballarat was a thriving creational city caught between

  • Ballarat Show Essay

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    149th Ballarat Show It is almost November and do you know what that means? It is almost time for the 149th Ballarat Show. I’m sure I am not the only one getting excited about this and trust me there is a lot to be excited about. As many as 25,000 people attend this wonderful family outing, either competing in a wide variety of events or just enjoying the outstanding entertainment. The Ballarat Show is hosted by the Ballarat Agricultural and Pastoral Society. From its humble beginnings as a ploughing

  • Run Ballarat Research Paper

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    Run Ballarat 100% OF EVERY REGISTRATION GOES STRAIGHT TO THE REDEVELOPMENT OF THE CHILDREN’S WARD AT BALLARAT BASE HOSPITAL. It’s almost time to put on your running shoes and support this wonderful local charity event that makes a difference. It is always refreshing to see so many of Ballarat’s population get behind such an amazing cause. More than 5,500 people participated in Run Ballarat last year. Run Ballarat has raised a massive $589,678 since the first event was held in 2012, all of which

  • Henry Seekamp's 'The Ballarat Times'

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    An inciter to all except the Governor. The editer of The Ballarat Times. Henry Seekamp was a man who incited the miners against the Governor, Governor Hotham. Hotham was a man who didn’t let the miners vote. He was a cruel governor compared to others. By publishing The Ballarat Times Seekamp was allowed to show the miners what the Governor is really doing and to make them come to his side. Henry Seekamp was born in England, 1829 and came to Victoria in 1852. He met a women and her husband, Clara

  • Ballarat Mile Race Quotes

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    community. Charlie Feehan is lucky enough to win the prime job, running messages for Squizzy Taylor, who is the most dangerous gangster in Melbourne. But things start to get a little too dangerous for Charlie so he decides to quit the job and run in the Ballarat Mile Race. Life was tough in Richmond and it was the support and love that family and friends gave each other that gave everyone the fuel needed to keep going through these difficult times. The following points will be discussed throughout this extended

  • Ballarat Grammar: Character Strengths

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    Ballarat Grammar has a big focus on wellbeing and has been included with the religious program at the school. It is called R.P and E which is short for religion, philosophy and ethics. Students attend this once a week in their classes or with other classes in the same year level. The first few weeks of term were focused on students completing a character strength survey. Character strengths highlight positive personality qualities that students possess and encourage them to use these qualities in

  • The Health Services Of Ballarat And District Aboriginal Cooperative ( B.a ) Essay

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    Introduction In this essay we will discuss Ballarat and the different health services available. We will particularly focus on the Indigenous services in the town. Ballarat and District Aboriginal Cooperative (B.A.D.AC) will be discussed at length and the importance of self-determination to the Indigenous population. We will discuss some of the services covered by B.A.D.A.C focussing particularly on how their chronic illness care helps the Aboriginal population of Ballarat. We will then go on to discuss ongoing

  • Sovereign Hill Gold Rush Heritage

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    plays a critical role in preserving the gold rush heritage and creating many jobs, supporting Ballarat and Victoria with income and work experience. On the other hand, the number of visitors is unchanging and some tourist attractions are less famous than others. Sovereign Hill greatly contributed towards the economy of Ballarat and Victoria. In 2012-2013 Sovereign Hill contributed $228.5 million to Ballarat and Victorian economy in both indirect and direct contribution.Sovereign Hill has produced 1