Ballistic missile submarine

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  • The Ballistic Missile Submarine

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    most countries. With the threat of nuclear war lingering in our domain, the United States counters this spreading issue with the ballistic missile submarine to provide strategic deterrence. Ballistic missile submarines have been important to the United States and Russia, as well as other nuclear powers, since the beginning of the Cold War. Ballistic missile submarines can evade satellites and discharge their nuclear munitions with little interference. This allows them to be protected from a first

  • Pros And Cons Of A Ballistic Missile Submarine

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    Every Ballistic Missile Submarine has two crews. When one is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the boat, the other works in an office building. One crew is responsible for the maintenance and operations of the ship, known as the On-Crew. The Off-crew is in a phase known as a Pre-deployment period, away from the ship. During this period the off-crew is training and planning maintenance. I relieved as the Engineer Officer during the Pre-deployment training period. The Engineer Officer

  • Soviet Submarines in Red Star Rogue by Kenneth Sewell

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    Star Rogue is a novel about a particular submarine that served in the Soviet Pacific Fleet during the Cold War. The book follows the Golf Class submarine K-129 on her final mission which occurred in the spring of 1968. K-129 was a Soviet ballistic missile submarine whose purpose was to launch nuclear weapons at the United States in case of the commencement of hostilities between the two superpowers. The author Kenneth Sewell, who is a former submarine officer (Hutchinson) does an outstanding job

  • John Anthony Walker : The Navy's Biggest Betrayal

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    John Anthony Walker: The Navy’s Biggest Betrayal John Anthony Walker was born on July 28, 1937 in Washington, D.C. Walker was the second of three boys to Margaret Scaramuzzo and James Vincent Walker. Due to Mr. Walker’s career working as a marketer for Warner Brother’s, his job required the Walker family to travel quite often when Walker was a child. The family ended up settling in Scranton, Pennsylvania where he remained until he joined the Navy. James Walker was known as a drunk and at times would

  • MAD and Boomerst throughout the Cold War

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    secondary strike capability. In essence, it was the ability of a nation to launch a counterattack and thereby ensure mutual destruction. Submarine launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs) fulfilled this criteria admirably due to their ability to stay submerged for extended periods of time, the difficulty involved with locating a submarine, and their invulnerability to nuclear missile attacks when submerged. As a result, the United States attempted to corner this leg of the nuclear triad. In 1949, the United

  • The American Interests At Risk

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    Threat Assessment Analysis The American interests at risk Since the post-occupational period of Japan in 1952, United States troops and military bases throughout the Okinawa Prefecture, and parts of mainland Japan, have been essential to assure peace and stability within Japan as well as East-Asia. Located in the East China Sea, Okinawa Prefecture is Japan’s southernmost prefecture, comprised of 160 islands of which 50 are inhabited by ~1.5 million residents. The island of Okinawa is 68 miles

  • Strategic Direction And Global Security Environment

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    environment. Based on current resources and predicted security environment Joint Force 2025 should focus on the following capabilities. The Army and Marines should extend the service life of certain weapons capabilities while enhancing integrated air missile defense, in addition to combat vehicle improvements and purchases. The Navy should enhance surface and sub-surface systems and operations, increase the lethality of the surface fleet and develop redundant communication and navigation systems. The

  • India 's Influence On India

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    India is a well-known country that is located in Southern Asia, between Burma and Pakistan while bordered by the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Distinguished with a long history, it is known that the north western Aryan tribes came to settle with the Dravidian tribe during 1500 B. C., thus creating what is now known as India (“Central Intelligence Agency”, 2007). India is a high ranking country that has made its mark in history, which has shaped the world today. From their love of culture

  • The Day I Became A Teenager

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    “Happy Birthday!” It was October 2, 1957 and the day I became a teenager. I didn’t have much of a worry in the world and really only cared if the surf was up and whether my favorite song, “All Shook Up” by Elvis Presley would become a gold record. Little did I know, but it would be a day that would change my life and world. It would be infamously known as the day the Soviet Union successfully launched Sputnik. Looking back, I realize it not only scripted my mentality but America’s mentality for

  • Abdul Kalam

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    wants to create a new order. An order of strength and thundering of fire." -- from a poem written by Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is the undisputed father of India's missile program. He has breathed life into ballistic missiles like the Agni and Prithvi, which put China and Pakistan well under India's missile range. It is too exhausting to track Dr Abdul Kalam's achievements to date. In the '60s and '70s he was a trail blazer in the space department. In the '80s he transformed the moribund