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  • Descriptive Essay About Marching Band

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    So, I might as well write about something that consumes my life 24/7: marching band. I didn’t officially start marching band until the ninth grade. You could join as an eighth grader, but I was way too scared. Ninth grade rolled around and I decided to join. My first marching show was named ‘Double Crossed.’It was set in the 1920s, which is my favorite time period. We had music from Chicago: The Musical and many other pieces. It was one of my absolute favorite shows. It still is actually. Even though

  • How Did The British Invasion Start

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    During this time period British musicians and bands that could adapt to the American style of music, came to America to get more fans and be more well known in the world. Some of the Musicians were: The Rolling Stones, the Animals, and the Beatles. The Beatles were the most known. They got so popular, that people called them the the leaders of the “British Invasion”. Famous bands that appeared during the British Invasion There were some famous bands that appeared during the “British Invasion”. The

  • The Beatles : The Impact Of The Beatles

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    The prominent band, The Beatles, made an impact on society and other musicians through their world performances and meaningful songs. It was 1967 when the Beatles became huge. Everyone, mostly the elders, were confused on how a band can become so big in such little time (Aronowitz 1). The six band members, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Stuart Sutcliffe and Pete Best were constantly on a plane going to perform somewhere. They were the most known band at the time and

  • Effects Of The British Invasion

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    The British invasion Have you been wondering about some of the best bands in the world? Have you been wondering where those people might have came from and where they might have influenced people? If so then you're in luck because The British Invasion is about some of the best composers in the world, and how they influenced america. In the 1960s the beatles (The leaders of the British Invasion) plane landed in america. Then when they made their first song there was almost and almost instant effect

  • The First American Invasion: The Beatles Takeover Essay

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    did not fill the streets to warn against nuclear attacks, nor were there warnings to stay indoors. Instead the youth of America rushed into the streets of New York and welcomed the invaders with loud screams and insane fanaticism. The invaders were The Beatles and the members were Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. One of the biggest and influential bands to change the face of music as we know it took the world by storm by introducing new sound, new fashion, and a new way

  • Oh Say, Can You Sing

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    music education has drastically changed compared from the first immigrants arriving in America, to independence, and even to today. The United States created new genres, its own music education, and even funded and proven to show numerous learning benefits to students across the United States from public schools, private schools and colleges. Has music education in American history change compared to today? As America declared itself independent July 4, 1776, it was not till 1838 when the first music

  • The Style Of March Music : The March King

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    marching band at the beginning of my freshman year.  The different style of music, directing, and marching in general, was all very new to me and it was also very interesting.  I still enjoy putting on marching band shows at football games and competitions, as well as playing march-style music for concert band.  One very well-known person who influenced marching band and its music is John Philip Sousa.  Because of his involvement with theater orchestras, the Marine Band, and eventually his own band, John

  • How To Please Stand Up For The National Anthem

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    for the flag-wavers in a marching band), and this cultural phenomenon amazes, and befuddles me. Apparently, in America, a sporting event requires more than just the two competing teams, in America a sporting event can include cheerleaders, a marching band, a group that waves flags in a pre-arranged pattern, and folks dressed in costumes representing animals, people, food. In Britain, we go to a sporting event to watch... the sport. There are no cheerleaders, bands playing brass instruments and drums

  • Research Paper Dave Matthews

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    surround him with them. The Dave Matthews Band formed in Charlottesville, Virginia, in early 1991, when Matthews decided to put some songs he had written on tape. Instead of simply recording himself with a guitar, he instead decided to bring in some instrumental help to give his musical ideas more depth. His first move was finding the right people to play the parts in his band that he decided fit. He began his search and formed the racially integrated band that is now known worldwide and are continuously

  • Rock Bands Essay

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    Along with the Beatles, The Rolling Stones are one of the most famous English rock bands to influence America. Introducing teenagers to African American urban blues, and transforming the urban blues into something like high-energized rock and roll are just some of the things the Stones brought to America (Kallen 10-11). The original line-up of the band included; Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts, Brian Jones, Mick Jagger, and Ian Stewart (Kallen 8-9). They have come a long way to get where they are now