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    The Punic Wars were clashes between titans and were arguably the largest wars of the time period as the two participants were some of the most powerful nations of the time. The outcome of these wars determined the nation to dominate the Mediterranean for years to come, and the largest of the wars was the Second Punic War. There were many potential causes of the Second Punic War, but the harsh result of the First Punic War was the most influential factor in the start of the Second Punic War. Roman

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    Even then, supported by a strengthened navy, Spain remained a major military power throughout the 18th century, in competition with Britain and France on the global stage. The Spanish empires had fought a lot more people for example, 237-218 BCE Barcid conquest of Hispania, 218–217 BCE Roman conquest of Hispania, 181–179 BCE First Celtiberian War, and, lastly, in 155-139 BCE The Lusitanian War (History

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    is renowned as being one of the greatest strategists of all time by many. Hannibal was born in 248 B.C in the ancient city of Carthage which is in modern times is known as Tunisia. Hannibal was born into a Carthaginian military family known as the Barcids. His father was the Carthaginian military general “Hamilcar Barca” who was taking part in the “First Punic war” with the city state of Rome at the time. Hannibal was born when the Punic war was coming to a close with the Romans emerging as the victors

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    Battle of Cannae is eponymous for the village of the same name, part of Apulia in a region of southern Italy. The generals for the Roman forces were the consuls Gaius Terentius Varro and Lucius Aemilius Paullus, while Hannibal and his brother Mago Barcid led the armies of Carthage. On the morning of the August 2, 216 BC, the armies of Rome took the field, in order to finally remove

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