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  • Difference Between Clarinet And Saxophone

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    (Nee). Clarinets and saxophones are two different instruments that are in the woodwind family. The clarinet was the first instrument I learned, and I played it in concert band for middle school and in marching band during my first two years of high school. I learned the tenor saxophone at the end of my freshman year, and I play it for jazz band and show choir pit. They are both equally fun instruments to play, and they are not too difficult to play. The clarinet and saxophone are different in ways

  • Fall Concert Analysis

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    melody repeats 16 times throughout “Chaconne”. The brass and percussion outline the theme and the whole passage is marked brilliante. There are combinations of solo instruments including a solo horn, duet between flute and oboe, and a solo alto saxophone. The section eventually develops into a minor key. Movement 2: “Intermezzo” has a vivace tempo, which is lively and fast. All of this movement is dedicated to a rhythmic oboe, clarinet and cornet solo. The movement is light in character and an instrument

  • The Incredible Instrument That is The Saxophone Essays

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    think of the saxophone, some items that come to mind are jazz music, golden metal, and Kenny G. The saxophone consists of these, but it is also so much more. Playing the saxophone is a great experience that everyone should try. Although playing the saxophone may take some money and time, it is a great investment because it is a unique instrument with many benefits. There are many different kinds of saxophones, but only a few are commonly used. The most common ones include the alto, baritone, tenor and

  • Essay on The Music That Comes from Instruments

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    first, one must choose which saxophone they want to play. Yes, Saxophones come in different sizes and tunes. “The most common (and most practical) ones to play are the soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone. Saxophones are generally classified into one of two families... the "military band" family (that includes mainly Eb and Bb saxes, alternating in tuning) and the "orchestral" family that includes the less popular saxophones in C and F ("How to Get Started with the Saxophone").” The military band family

  • The Performance Art Center On Texas State University 's Campus

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    noticed that there were a variety of instruments played in the jazz ensemble. The instruments that were played included string (grand piano, electric guitar, electric bass, bass), brass (trumpet, trombone, French horn), woodwind (tenor sax, alto sax, baritone sax) and percussion instruments (six piece drum set, bongos). On the drum set was, special guest, Steve Houghton from the music school of Iowa. Overall, there were several different pieces of different sub-genres of jazz music. The pieces that were

  • The Music Of Duke Ellington

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    pm, the band of Jazz Ensemble II came out, gathered their places on stage, and began to play “Things Ain’t What They Used to Be” by Mercer Ellington. I immediately recognized the stereotypical jazz setup such as the primary melodic instruments: saxophones, trumpets, trombones, as well as the piano, bass and

  • Descriptive Essay About A Concert

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    a variety of all kinds of music. However, interestingly, through whole my life, I have never attended many classical concerts before; especially classical saxophone ones. Compared to all the other concerts that I have gone to, the saxophone studio recital was a definite change in atmosphere. The Dana Concert Series presented the YSU saxophone studio recital in the Butler Institute of American Art. The students of Dr. James C. Umble performed at 12:15 in the prepossessing building. The room filled

  • Descriptive Essay About Opera

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    the booklet, two of those singers being sopranos, one mezzo-soprano, three tenors, three baritones, one bass-baritone, and one bass singer. The three soprano singers are: Georgia Jarman, Rachel Sterrenberg, and Abigail Levis. The three tenor singers are: René Barbera, Brenton Ryan, and Brian Rosewell. The three baritone singers are: Vladislav Sulimsky, Daniel Armstrong, and Bobby Tinnion. The two bass-baritone singers are Dale Travis and Ryan Kuster. Finally, the bass singer was Kyle Hancock. The

  • The Advantage And Disadvantages Of Being An Instrument

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    sign ups again, and joined a few months into my sixth grade year. My first choice was percussion, but because I was so late, I was not able to join the percussion if i wanted to reach up to the level my classmates were at. So I tried out on flute, saxophone, and clarinet, and instantly fell in

  • My Favorite Room Essay

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    If I had to choose what my favorite room in my house was, I would say my bedroom. You will be placed on the south east corner of the room in front of the door. You are in a twenty foot in width by fifteen foot in length by eight foot in height room. In this essay i will describe the area of my room without using the actual names of each item. There is one door and one window within the room. In the middle of the ceiling is a white mechanism with rotating blades that helps cool the air. Each blade