Bashar al-Assad

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  • Ideology Of Bashar Al Assad

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    IDEOLOGY OF BASHAR AL ASSAD RESEARCH: An ideology is a set of cultural beliefs, values, and attitudes that underlie and justify either the status quo or movements to change it. The culture of every social system has an ideology that serves to explain and justify its own existence as a way of life. Ideology can also underlie movements for social change, which rely on sets of ideas that explain and justify their purpose and methods. Bashar Al Assad’s ideology: Vice president of Syria Abdel Halim Khaddam

  • Differences Of Henry The VIII And Bashar Al-Assad

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    Matilde Alvarez Absolute Rulers: Draft 1 Henry the VIII and Bashar Al-Assad are an example of two absolute rulers. Henry the VIII was the famous kind of England and Bashar Al-Assad is a modern president in Syria. Both of this rulers have ruled with fear and intimidation meanwhile history does repeat itself. Henry VIII was well known as the king of England who led to the separation between then England and Roman Catholic Church. During Henrys ruling period, he had beheaded his six wives’, which

  • The Civil War Of Bashar Al Assad And The Syrian Government

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    When ISIS commenced operations against Bashar Al Assad and the Syrian government, foreign volunteers rushed to join their ranks, 200 American citizens among them. The presence and national security implications of these fighters is well documented by the media, and their motivations are transparent and easily discernible through propaganda produced by ISIS. But what about the 108 Americans who have fought for the Kurds against ISIS? While their individual motivations are expressed through interviews

  • Syrian Civil War : The Arab And Islam

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    Syrian Civil War It has been five years since the Syrian Civil war started. Nothing has changed, Bashar Al Assad still in the presidency, innocent people are dying progressively in an enormous numbers and the world community is becoming blind, pretending it does not know what is happening in the country and still promote for a peaceful solution. Many Syrian people decided to live by leaving the country. They have been migrated to neighboring countries, in addition, the European countries

  • Taking a Look at Syria

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    Syria which formerly was called Al Sham or Levant is located in Western Asia. This country has borders with Turkey to the north Iraq to the east Jordan to the south Israel to the south east and Lebanon and Mediterranean Sea to the west. Before 1516 Syria was part of Mamluk Empire centered in Egypt. In 1516 the Ottoman Sultan, Selim, conquered Syria, after defeating the Mamluk near Aleppo in Northern Syria. After sometimes he changed the whole Syria into one Eyalat named Sam (Syria). During the

  • The Syrian Civil War Analysis

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    Syria is a country that is currently going through an uprising. The Bashar al-Assad regime and Ba’ath government are imparting a strong front while being shattered from multiple opposition groups; and terrorist organizations in country and high-ranking officials from around the world. Their economy, population, and relations with nations around the world is being affected by the everyday events occurring in their country. Syria has gone through many adversities as a country and to this day struggles

  • The War Of The Syrian Cities Of Aleppo And Damascus

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    of violent crime and kidnapping since the start of the fighting. As the alarming death toll continues to rise, the world community franticly searches for a party on which to place the blame. With only a few exceptions, its eyes have fallen on the Assad government. The importance of the issue at hand (the allocation of blame) lies in its implications. The support of

  • Syria Conflict Essay

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    uncontrollable chaotic situation, minimum military forces were suitably in place to minimise the protest through the use of checkpoint road blocks. As the protest continued and spread widely over the country the citizens demanded for the President Bashar Al-Assad’s resignation. By July 2011 hundreds of thousand people taking to streets, town and cities across the countries such as Alepo, Hama, Homs and Deraa (BBC, 2012). As the act of protest has become uncontrollable, the government applied the military

  • Syria Crisis Essay

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    leaving many protestors dead. What began as protests against the government of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad calling for him to step aside because of political disagreement and the deaths of protestors, has evolved into a multi-dimensional war that has seen various groups join the fight against one another. The United States became involved in the conflict after the use of

  • Syrian Democracy Essay

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    President Assad was given an outstanding western education, receiving a degree for ophthalmology from a London-based medical school. Naturally there was hope that since Assad had spent time in one of the most consolidated democracies, he might have been more willing to implement democratic measures in Syria than his father. Assad’s rise to power