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  • Ncaa Championship Game : A Basketball Player

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    away within seconds? Just picture this; a basketball player playing for Louisville is projected to be drafted to the NBA at season’s end. It’s their team; Louisville vs Duke in the Final Four and Louisville must win this or go home. Next round is the NCAA championship game. In the entering minutes of the game, the player goes and contests a shot and comes down from the jump to see a bone protruding from his leg. At this moment it is very clear that basketball is over. Well this happened to Louisville’s

  • Coach Chet's Effect On The Greenwave Girls

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    times. Being brutally defeated can make you feel like you’re at rock bottom, while winning a championship game can make you feel as if you’re on the top of the world. This is a story about a basketball team who finally stepped up to their biggest rival of all, showing the other team and themselves that anything is possible. The East Grand Forks (EGF) Greenwave Girls basketball team had been playing basketball together since first grade, plus or minus a few players. The majority of them played for the

  • Serena Williams, The French Open Final Saturday Essay

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    Serena Williams lost the French Open final Saturday to Garbine Muguruza. It marked her third failed attempt to win a 22nd singles Grand Slam title, which would tie the Open-era record set by Steffi Graf. Williams was extremely gracious in defeat as she addressed the crowd at Roland Garros in French. The tennis icon can afford to be gracious these days: She earned $28.9 million over the past 12 months. That makes her the world’s highest-paid female athlete over that span, unseating Maria Sharapova

  • The Physical Values Of Roger Federer And Ray Ban

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    Like Roger Federer, they are veterans in their designated field. Simply put, both Federer and Ray Ban are timeless classics. Federer is arguably one of the most attractive men in all of sports. Of course this highly relates to his great physical shape and facial features, but it is also about his class, humbleness, and charm. As mentioned in the audit chart, Federer is considered a great philanthropist as he has helped many people around the world and even has his own foundation. In many ways, he

  • The Advertisement Of The Nike Advertisement Essay

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    In today’s time we come across a vast amount of advertising using various forms such as outdoor billboards, print advertisements, TV commercials and online advertisements. Advertising is a very common means of getting customers to see one’s message, brand and product. However, it is apparent that advertising is intentionally deceptive in the sense that it tries to prey on one’s weaknesses as a human being. For example, beer commercials constantly use sex appeal with attractive women to charm men

  • Serena Williams Role Model

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    Serena Williams is currently the greatest female tennis player in the world. She holds more grand slams titles than any male player. With her older sister Venus, she is well known for her commitment, generosity and charity work. Serena's contribution to society is outstanding, and her hubristic personality is one to cherish. Her determination is incredible towards everything she does, which makes her a role model to society. Specifically young female tennis players are inspired by Serena, due to

  • Is Ice Hockey Hard

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    That’s how long the bus ride took from, my home, Bethel Park Pennsylvania to Omaha Nebraska. Days before we arrived in Omaha, my teammates and I lost the Pennsylvania state championship game. We were the number one seed and a heavy favorite but were upset in a gritty back and forth struggle against a bitter rival. Sometimes it takes a painful loss to make us change our ways. Never the less you win as a team and lose as a team

  • The State Softball Tournament: A Short Story

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    could not lose again or we would go home and I would never play with this team again. Attitudes and hope started to fade as Coach read us our new schedule. We would have to play eight games in a row without losing once in order to make it to the championship. Everyone started to say goodbye and thank you to one of our coaches and a teammate that would not be there the next day. Halfheartedly they included a doubtful “see you on Sunday”. As ACDC blasted through coach’s speaker, we stretched and sang

  • Serena Williams Research Papers

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    Serena Williams is a name that almost everyone recognises. No wonder! As she is the fiery, talented and competitive girl that transformed into one of the best, if not the best, women’s tennis player ever. Her level of competitiveness is extraordinary and the determination we all see on her face as she ace’s her next opponent is scary. We don’t only love Serena because of her tennis skill, she is down to earth as well. I think she is someone who makes people watching tennis stay on the edge of their

  • North Iowa Bulls Research Paper

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    He’s on a breakaway, he shoots, he scores. The North Iowa Bulls have won once again. The North Iowa Bulls have made history not only in Mason City Iowa, but around the nation with their great coaching and fans, championships, arena, community service, and their potential goals for the future of Mason City. The coaching and fans are one of the biggest reasons why the North Iowa Bulls are so well known. The head coach of the Bulls is Todd Sanden who does a really good in my opinion. Todd is also