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  • Essay on A History of the 714th Tank Battalion

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    A History of the 714th Tank Battalion, 1942-45 The men of the 714th Tank Battalion served their country in its greatest time of need. A key element of the 12th Armored Division, the 714th fought in harsh conditions against a desperate German enemy for five consecutive months, driving the Nazi Armies from France and back into the German heartland. The 12th Armored Division was activated on 15 September 1942 at a freshly built Camp Campbell, Kentucky, and soldiers from across the nation

  • A Peaceful Evacuation : Building A Multi Project Battalion By Leading Upward

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    A Peaceful Evacuation: Building a Multi-Project Battalion by Leading Upward Anthony Bing Dr. Jimmie Flores October 23, 2016 Strayer University, Augusta Georgia  A Peaceful Evacuation: Building a Multi-Project Battalion by Leading Upward Leadership is a integral part of project management; all together for any project to be effective, a person with great management skills should be selected as the leader of the project. The significance of leadership in project management can be found in this case

  • My Old Battalion Commander, Brigadier General ( Bg )

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    I have chosen to write about my old Battalion Commander, Brigadier General(BG) Peter Jones. The then Lieutenant Colonel(LTC) Jones oversaw my Infantry Battalion when I deployed to Ramadi, Iraq. He displayed numerous attributes that I model my military career from; he had an unwavering presence and strong intellect. His competence was also the highest that I have ever encountered in my military career; he was a lead from the front type of leader and strove to achieve nothing but success whilst

  • On March 12, 2006, four 101st Airborne Division Soldiers of First Platoon, Bravo Company, 1-502nd

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    vivid picture of the daily challenges and triumphs the Soldiers of the 502nd “Black Heart” Brigade, (particularly First Battalion) experienced during their 2005-2006 deployment to Iraq. Frederick begins Black Hearts by introducing one of the main antagonists and toxic leaders of the story, LTC Tom Kunk, the 1-502nd Battalion Commander during pre-deployment training. As the battalion prepares for its upcoming deployment, Frederick highlights LTC Kunk’s tough, bullheaded and often belittling leadership

  • Wwii 442nd Battalion

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    WW II 442nd Battalion “Four-Forty-Second Infantry / We're the boys of Hawai'i nei / We'll fight for you / And the Red, White and Blue, And go to the front. / And back to Honolulu-lulu. / Fighting for dear old Uncle Sam / Go for broke! / HOOH! / We don't give a damn! / We'll round up the Huns / At the point of our guns, / And vict'ry will be ours! / GO FOR BROKE! / FOUR-FOUR-TWO! / GO FOR BROKE! / FOUR-FOUR-TWO! And vict'ry will be ours!” (442nd Unit Fight Song). Just as many historical songs

  • General Moon Had Ordered The Special Operations

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    Night Stalkers were well aware of the status of the aircraft and were happy to hear they had first pick. Although the 160th Headquarters and majority of the battalions were located at Fort Campbell, Kentucky 2nd Battalion had been on loan to the Special Forces command on Fort Bragg at the time the event happened. Essentially leaving the Battalion stranded with no mission because they had no aircraft, they were then made responsible for the maintenance and care of the aircraft in the underground facilities

  • The King's Shilling Short Story

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    The King’s Shilling Chapter-2: Tthe Encampment Typical Wedge Tent w/Messing Facilities Muster On the 16th of January, Jack stepped out of the tavern and surveyed his surroundings. The sun was just rising over the tree line on the east shore of the Cape Fear River, the 84th Regiment was mustering on the eastern end of Cross Creek Towne Commons;, he could hear the beat of the Regimental Drummer. The morning breeze was chilly against his exposed shin, he pulled his jacked collar tight around his

  • Reflection Paper On Leadership

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    LTC X and CSM X was chosen to lead the battalion on this deployment due to their experience in aviation. Once at Fort Hood, the mobilization timeline put pressure on the command, and it started breaking down. We were set up with office space as if we were permanent party due to the length of

  • Black Hearts By Jim Frederick

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    The book Black Hearts is written by Jim Frederick and tells the story of all the controversial accounts one infantry unit ran into while on deployment in Baghdad, Iraq. The book is a documentation, captured accounts and events written down to tell the crazy story these soldiers went through. The specific unit Frederick writes about and what Black Hearts is about is 2nd brigade of the 101st airborne infantry division. “Black Hearts” was the unofficial insignia of 2nd brigade. Frederick covers one

  • Change Of Command Flyer

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    His first officer assignment was to the 82D Airborne Division where he deployed to OIF VI, December 2008 as the Distribution Platoon Leader, A Company, 82D Brigade Support Battalion and Company Executive Officer, 5-73 Cavalry Squadron, 3rd Brigade Combat Team. Following OIF VI he became the Squadron S4 for 5-73 Cavalry Squadron.   In 2011, CPT Farkas was selected as the Aide-De-Camp for the U.S. Joint Munitions Command, Army