Battle of Antietam

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    between the Potomac River and Antietam Creek, was the location of the bloodiest battle in American history. Confederate Colonel Stephen D. Lee described it as “Artillery Hell” because of the frightful toll on his gunners and horses from Federal counter battery and infantry fire. (AotW, 2014) The battle of Antietam, or the Battle of Sharpsburg, would collect an estimated 23,100 total casualties (Luvaas and Nelson, 1987). The body count far exceeded any of the other three battles waged in the Maryland Campaign

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    The following case study will be about the Battle of Antietam that took place on September 17, 1862 in Sharpsburg, Maryland along the Antietam Creek. Known as “…the bloodiest single day in American History,” by the end of the day there would be approximately twenty-three thousand casualties of which forty-five hundred to six thousand were dead. The first topic of discussion will be on the history leading up to the morning of the seventeenth in order to establish the mindset of the commanders on

  • The Battle of Antietam Creek

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    The Battle of Antietam Creek The Battle of Antietam Creek was a very bloody and important battle in the Civil war. The battle was fought by two different armies within the Union and the Confederacy, The Army of the Potomac (Union) and The Army of Northern Virginia (Confederate). Antietam Creek is located just to the east of the Potomac River in Maryland. The battle was fought on a hill just above the west bank of Antietam Creek. The Army of the Potomac, who was on the offensive, was pushing towards

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    The Battle of Antietam is the bloodiest battle in American history. On September 17, 1862, approximately 22,720 soldiers were either killed, wounded, or missing after the gruesome fight. This battle halted the Confederate general’s drive through Maryland and caused General Lee to withdraw into Virginia. Although contributed as a Union victory, since the Confederates withdrew south of the Potomac River, McClellan loss his chance at dismantling Lee’s Army. General McClellan’s usual hesitation allowed

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    He was instructed to hurry. Hurrying was not a trait that McClellan was known for. McClellan took his time and began to draw out on paper how this battle would be won. He then began moving troops around, combining armies from all regions. As McClellan was doing this President Lincoln became inpatient and ordered McClellan to move. Lee had outlined his whole strategy and told of the troubles the confederacy

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    The Battle of Antietam started the morning of September 17, 1862 at 0600. Union troops of the First and Twelfth Corps made their way across Antietam Creek the day before in efforts to attack the left flank. From 0600 to 1000, the Union troops were with Confederates under Major General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. This engagement occurred in a 24-acre cornfield. These were the most deadly hours of the battle; over 8,000 casualties were killed at this time. As Union General Joseph Hooker later wrote

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    The Bloodiest Battle of the Civil War The Battle of Antietam had a tremendous impact on the American people's future. Between the other battles of the Civil War this was a turning point in history as a result of President Lincoln signing the Emancipation Proclamation and to expand the primary interest of the war unity nationwide, also the involvement of abolishing slavery. Once the fighting started in 1861, the Union’s commitment to maintain border slave states such as Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland

  • The Civil War : The Battle Of Antietam

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    were many reasons why the battles were fought. During the Civil War, the president was Abraham Lincoln. There were many reasons why the war was fought, but the main reason was to keep the country together. Before the war, the North and South had some conflicts. During the Civil War, the slavery was one issue why the war was fought too. There were many battles that were fought between the North and the South. Most of the battles were fought in the South. Among the battles of the Civil War, there was

  • The Battle Of Antietam And The Civil War

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    The Battle of Antietam, or The Battle of Sharpsburg as the South would call it, took place on September 17, 1862, near Sharpsburg, Maryland, and Antietam Creek. This was the first major battle in the American Civil War to take place on Union soil. The American Civil War was beginning its second year of combat. As the Confederate States of America came close to winning the war, independence was well on its way. At first the result of the battle was controversial, as it could not be determined

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    The Battle of Antietam was battled on September 17, 1862. Union armed force led by General George B. McClellan battled against the Confederate Army led by General Robert E. Lee. The fight was battled along the Antietam Creek close Sharpsburg, Maryland. The union armed force lost more than twelve thousand men, while the confederate armed force lost around ten thousand men. General Robert E. Lee barely got away thrashing this fight and the absence of men cause him and his armed force to withdraw