Battle of El Caney

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  • The Battle Of San Juan Hill

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    MISSION COMMAND PAPER: THE BATTLE OF SAN JUAN HILL The Battle of San Juan Hill took place in the hills surrounding Santiago, Cuba on July 1, 1898. It was a battle between the Spanish forces commanded by General Arsenio Linares and the United States Army V Corps commanded by MG William Schafter. Although the United States won the battle, MG Shafter did not properly exercise all of the principles of mission command prior to and during the battle. MG Shafter failed to provide a clear commander’s intent

  • The Battle Of San Juan Hill

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    The Battle of San Juan Hill July 1, 1898 was one of the bloodiest battles of The Spanish American War. The battle of San Juan Hill also known as San Juan Heights was of strategic importance because it permitted the Americans to place guns above the harbor at Santiago. The gun positions overlooking the harbor prevented the Spanish Navy from escaping which ultimately led to their land forces surrendering shortly after the loss of San Juan Hill. (United States History) U.S. General William Shafter

  • The American Of The Spanish American War

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    The Spanish-American war was a turning point in United States history. It is the time period when the Unites States started asserting it’s power in international affairs. Spain had been one of the superpowers along with Great Britain, France and Germany. Great Britain, France, Germany and Spain had established colonies through out the world. Spain’s colonies were the closest to the United States interests, so it was only natural that tensions would start to boil between Spain and the United States

  • Battle Analysis of San Juan Hill Essay

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    Battle analysis of San Juan Hill Introduction Throughout American history, a number of battles come to hold iconic positions in the shaping of this great nation: Lexington and Concord, the Battle of Bunker Hill, the Alamo, Gettysburg, Belleau Wood, Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima and the Battle of the Bulge, just to name a few. When the Spanish-American War of is thought of, the Battle of San Juan Hill undoubtedly comes to mind. Americans think of the great sacrifices throughout the fight

  • Splendid Little War Essay

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    “A Splendid Little War” “A Splendid Little War” was an alternative title to the Spanish American War named by Ambassador John Hay to his good friend Theodore Roosevelt. This war was one of the shortest wars of all time, lasting only about four months. Surprisingly, the main cause of death in this war wasn’t by being shot, but by dying of diseases such as Yellow Fever, Malaria and other diseases. Only 9,413 Spaniards were killed by wounds and combat and 53,540 were killed by many diseases. In this

  • Spanish-American War

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    This was yet another heavy blow to Spain because the United States now had a base to put supplies to fight wars in the Pacific CARIBBEAN FRONT (CUBA) The war also took place in the Caribbean in Cuba and in Puerto Rico. On the shores of Cuba many battles had been fought and new tactics were developed. The American forces still used standard military tactics of line up, point, and shoot, also known as revolutionary fight to the United States. The Spanish had developed more modern ways of combat. They

  • Relationship Between American And Cuban Relationships

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    No more than 9 hours ago Raul Castro and Barack Obama broke headlines today by agreeing upon a ferry service from Florida to Cuba. This “great step forward”, as some officials title it, is making headlines due to the dynamic history these 2 countries shared. The relationship between these 2 countries is similar to a Hollywood epic; one in which a parent’s child turns against them and takes belonging to they’re known rival. America never truly let their “child” Cuba fly on to their own therefore,

  • Noncommissioned Officer History Army

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    Noncommissioned Officers History Army I. Introduction. A. Good morning, I’m MSG Michael Dobbs, Thank you for being here COL … and CSM… B. This is a unclassified NCO History presentation. C. I will be covering the NCO’s of 1865 to 1925. We will be looking at how they trained what weapons they used, the discipline they adhered into their soldiers and the hero’s that were made. D. References used: The Story of the Noncommissioned Officer Corps, Center of Military History, United

  • Spanish American War : The United States Essay

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    SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR By the end of the nineteenth century the United States had transformed from an agrarian nation into a leading industrial power. Continued recessions, including the Panic of 1893, convinced some influential Americans to believe that the key to avoiding future economic contractions lay in acquiring overseas markets. The problem facing the United States, however, was a lack of available real estate. Between 1865 and 1900 leading European empires had also expanded their territorial