Battle of Vitoria

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  • The Symphony Of Beethoven Symphony

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    von Fries, an aristocrat that frequently hosted Beethoven in his more than accommodating home. The premiere for the symphony was on December 8th, 1813 at a charity concert where the proceeds went to wounded Austrian and Hungarian soldiers from the battle of Hanau. The symphony was immediately popular, winning the admiration of critiques and audiences alike. Described as the most perfect

  • The Peninsular War ( 1807-1814 )

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    supplies they could to the Spanish, so that the Spanish armies and guerrillas could tie down a sizeable amount of Napoleon 's troops. The years of fighting in Spain was a heavy burden on France 's Grande Armée. While the French were victorious in battle, their

  • Giorgio Vasari The Battle Of Marciano

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    type of painting is that of the Tuscan Mannerists by experts. Overall, Vasari gave forth about 10 paintings to the world. Among these are Alessandro de Medici resting, Pieta, and Justice. But the one that I will be discussing is The Battle of Marciano. The Battle of Marciano was painted by Giorgio Vasari in 1565. The painting

  • Ludwig Van Beethoven And Romanticism

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    Romanticism can be summed up with one question: what does it mean to be human? In contrast to Classicism, which expresses harmony, order, and rationality, Romanticism expresses individuality, emotion, and imagination. It ran from the late eighteenth century through the nineteenth century. Ludwig van Beethoven was known as the bridge between the Classic era and the Romantic era. He is often called the greatest music revolutionary of all time. Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany, on December 16,

  • Outline the concepts of just war and pacifism

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    Outline the key concepts of Just War and Pacifism. A01 [21] The Just war theory maintains that war may be justified if fought only in certain circumstances, and only if certain restrictions are applied to the way in which war is fought. The theory that was first propounded by St Augustine of Hippo and St Ambrose of Milan ( 4th and 5th centuries AD) attempts to clarify two fundamental questions: ‘when is it right to fight?’ and ‘How should war be fought?’. Whereas Pacifists are people mainly Christians

  • Essay about Spanish Resistance to Napoleon

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    the center of many cultures. Throughout history we have seen many military leaders and military powers. We have seen military techniques and technology change as we progress. Our schools are filled with legends of great war heroes and hard-fought battles. One such hero is Napoleon Bonaparte, perhaps one of the greatest generals who ever lived. In his adventures and conquest, as general of the French army, he warred against many lands. These included Spain, in which

  • Analysis Of Gloria 's ' Like With Malvina And Gabriela '

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    Like with Malvina and Gabriela, Amado depicts Glória as a woman who refuses to perform roles traditionally ascribed to women and disregards what the society expects of her. Though at first Amado emphasizes Glória’s beauty as an object for male appreciation at the window, as we learn about Glória’s inner qualities and her social transgressions we empathize with her. Glória’s beauty becomes an empowering tool since she, a disenfranchised woman, uses her body to fulfill her material needs. Like Malvina

  • International Law Is An Old Concept

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    2.0 Introduction International law is an old concept that came into play because of the need to establish a strong international relations system that was characterized by justice and respect for the rights of the minority groups and the general human rights. This was very crucial in ensuring that there was a codified system of laws that had the capacity was universally applicable and acceptable to all nations. This paper traces the development of international law and the manner in which the United

  • The Issue Of Humanitarian Intervention

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    The consensus among the international community affirms that nations, like individuals, have basic rights, namely, the right to territorial integrity and political sovereignty. When another nation violates these rights, it is considered an act of aggression. However, there certainly are situations where a violation of territorial integrity or political sovereignty is justified, namely in humanitarian intervention, “the use of military force against another state when the chief declared aim of that

  • Can There Ever Be A Just War On Terror?

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    Can there ever be a just war on terror A Just War is a war which is fought, however, conducted under certain rules and regulations; these were created by Thomas Aquinas and Francisco de Vitoria. (Anon,[n.d]a), This theory is used as a means of showing those who are going to war, excluding those which classify under the regulations, that going to war is wrong and were deemed immoral. The intentions which were used to forward this process were to encourage the other states that there are other means