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  • The Hudson Bay Company

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    1. The Hudson Bay Company was created in the late 17th century, decades before Canada became a country ("Our History"). Despite the success of the Hudson Bay Company, French and American interests did not back them ("Our History"). The main operations of the HBC was centred on trading with the Natives ("Our History"). The Natives brought furs to the forts and posts of the Hudson Bay Company, located around the shores of James and Hudson Bays, to barter for manufactured goods like knives, kettles

  • The History of the Hudson Bay Company

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    anger was felt by the gentlemen and once Groseilliers was freed, the two left the colony. During the next three years the two men tried their best at persuading Boston clients to fund voyages to Hudson Bay. Their luck finally approached when their idea of rising demand for furs into Hudson Bay attracted the attention of Colonel George Cartwright. Cartwright was in New England to extract taxes from the new colony when he heard this opportunity from Groseilliers and Radisson. He urged the two gentlemen

  • Hudson's Bay : Case Study : The Hudson Bay Company

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    About the Company The Hudson’s Bay Company is a global retailer who has been around since 1670, making them the oldest company in North America. HBC is known for their department stores, with more than 480 stores and over 66,000 employees worldwide. In 2016, HBC had $3.3 billion sales in Canada, $6.4 billion in North America, and $4.8 billion sales in Europe. HBC also has a popular e-commerce site which was launched in 2000. In North America and Europe, HBC has 10 banners which are Hudson’s Bay, Lord

  • Popular International Brands from The Hudson Bay Company

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    The company I chose to write my research paper on is the Hudson Bay Company. My interest in this company came from my background working in retail. HBC is a retail company, and it is ranked fourth amongst all retailers in this industry. They offer a variety of products and services, including popular international brands to target a specific market and customer. The Hudson Bay Company is the main corporation, and it branches of into group retail stores. These stores include The Bay, Zellers, Home

  • Hudson's Bay Company Swot Analysis

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    Weakness Company has evolved to handle joint ventures, but not all of them turn into successes. “Hudson’s Bay Co., which reported a $54-million loss in the first quarter of 2015 as Target Canada liquidated its merchandise, now has another competitor nipping at its heels –” (Kopun, 2015, para.1). With this recent pitfall, concerns about the acquisition are alarmingly high to the staff which is understandable. Many employees are worried about losing their job due to past events. “Hudson’s

  • Hudson Bay Failure Essay

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    Europe’s biggest economy and the company had to pull off in 2006. It was seen that Walmart was extremely rigid and stubborn and did not make any attempt to learn the culture, rather they forced English language and American way of doing business as the official culture which was one of the major causes of failure. Hudson Bay Company is also entering Germany with almost the same strategy, by acquiring the successful German retailer, Galeria Kaufhof. However, Hudson Bay will have to be extremely cautious

  • The Fur Trade Analysis

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    was the Hudson Bay Company’s, territorial Governor. He also states that historians claim Semple to be an extremely hostile, vain, and failed to appreciate the lengths to which the Northwest Company would go in order to destroy the Red River Settlement. At first Semple respected Robertson’s superior knowledge of the country, but he eventually decided to assert his own leadership. Robertson hoped to blockade the rivers and prevent the Métis from supplying pemmican to the Northwest Company bridges travelling

  • Women In the Fur Trade

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    Aboriginal women had occupied an essential position in the fur trade of the North American region from its birth during the 17th and 18th centuries. Even though this is true, the role of women, especially those of the Native American society, has been ignored a great deal in the entire history of fur trade. Contrary to the belief that the whole fur trade activity was only male-dominated, it very much depended upon Native women and their participation and labor in order to ensure survival as well

  • The Fur Trade : An Important Part Of The Political And Economic Development Of North America

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    The fur trade began, as early 17th to 19th centuries; it was an important part of the political and economic development of North America. It offered a source of income and motivated searching of the continent that was significant to many early colonial industries. There were five countries involved in the Fur Trade in North America. These were England, Portugal, Holland, Spain and France. But by the late 17th century there were only France and England. As the market of beaver pelts in Europe grew

  • Canadian Fur Trade During The Canadian Economy

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    The Canadian fur trade played a key role in the development of Canada as a country in many ways, largely because of the growing need for furs by women overseas. The fur trade acted as the early foundation of the Canadian economy. The trade increased international trade and consequence acted as a driver of extending the exploration of the vast Canadian wilderness - much further than would otherwise have occurred. Concurrently, one of the more important outcomes of the fur trade was that it acted as