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  • Beach Selected : Glenelg Beach

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    Beach selected: Glenelg beach History: According to Glenelg SA (2015), Glenelg beach is only 12km from the centre of Adelaide, Glenelg is a pleasing entertaining beach resort set amongst the sandy shores of the bay of Holdfast. In 1836, Glenelg was the site of South Australia’s original mainland settlement. Processes that affect Glenelg Beach: There are multiple factors that affect Glenelg beach and other Adelaide beaches. The drift of sand that is going north is created by the winds and waves

  • Myrtle Beach

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    who travel to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina quickly discover there are more places to explore than just beaches. It's important to note, however, that this areas 60 miles of gorgeous beaches are wonderful. Here you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This town offers many exciting activities for guests to enjoy. It doesn't matter whether you're honeymooning or traveling with family. There is something for everyone to do here. The scenic charm of Myrtle Beach attracts more than

  • A Perfect Summer At The Beach

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    A Perfect Summer at the Beach The sun peeked through my bedroom window; time to get up! The day was warm and gorgeous. It was the perfect weather to go to the beach. I woke up early and prepare our breakfast, so we can eat first before we leave. I can smell the eggs and bacon sizzling in a pan. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee makes my day complete. The pancake oozing with butter and maple syrup is ready to serve. I also prepare a fresh squeezed orange juice for the kids. When I was cooking everybody

  • My Favourite Beach

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    there is a beach for you. With golden sands and tiny little hideaways there are many choices along the European Coast that make for a pleasurable and enjoyable holiday or vacation. Here are my picks for the top 5 beaches in Europe Biarritz Beach-French Riviera, France During the 1960s surfing took France by storm. Today Biarritz Beach on the French Riviera is the surf capital of France. Every July the best surfers

  • Clearwater Beach Analysis

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    The condo sits on the Clearwater Beach about three hundred feet away from the ocean. Walking in from the ocean there’s a faint alluring smell that one would and could always know easily. The smell of salt water and sunscreen slowly but surely takes over and claims the nose. Before moving one would notice the cool breeze. The cool air from the air conditioner makes its way towards you and sends shivers up your legs from your toes then up your spine and finally making its way all over your body as

  • A Small, Quaint Beach

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    A small, quaint beach is located in Texas, and is known by the name of Galveston. It has a very vivid and interesting backstory, more so than cities twenty times its size. Galveston Beach was originally home to Akokisa and Karankawa Native Americans during 1528. Robert Cavelier La Salle, a French explorer, claimed the land for King Louis, naming it St. Louis in the late 1600s. Later, in 1786, Galveston was named for Bernardo de Galvez; he was a Spanish general and governor of colonies, and he sent

  • On The Beach By Nevil Shute

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    In Nevil Shute’s novel On the Beach, the world is quickly and quietly ending. The novel follows the last months of the lives of the last people on Earth as a cloud of radiation moves closer to their homes in Melbourne. The characters each cope with their inevitable demise in a different way: Moira Davidson resorts to alcoholism, Dwight Towers is in denial, John Osbourne indulges in material goods, and Peter Holmes tries to make the most of the time he has left with his family. Despite their dissimilar

  • Essay on Zuma Beach

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    short ride through the canyon I found myself at my childhood playground, Zuma Beach. Without hesitation I laid my towel down upon the tiny grains and chips of rocks that the oceans might has turned into sand over the years. I took a moment to put my life on hold and gaze at what nature had to offer to me. I reflected upon all of the other places I could have been instead of standing with my toes curling in the warm sandy beach and smiled in appreciation of my situation.

  • Beach Descriptive Essay

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    The beach is known for being a place to relax; the beach I went to was a run-of-the-mill beach, tan sand with rocks next to an aqua sea, I was there with my Mother and family on a cloudless day in summer 2009.Nevertheless we were on the beach, it was filled with umbrellas of all colors, filling the beach like a canvas with hundreds of strokes on it. Starting our trip started with setting up our blanket and umbrella so we could sit down to relax at the start, but we all wanted to head out and swim

  • The Golden Beach And Shelly Beach

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    Golden Beach, Kings Beach and Shelly Beach. When considering what suitable coastal management strategies could be used in this area to protect the built-up area of private homes, high rise buildings, tourist facilities and the nearby commercial area of Golden Beach shopping center with positive environmental outcomes being mangroves and dunal re-vegetation, positive aesthetic outcomes being looks more natural and relocation of more animal species. The positive economic outcome of the Golden Beach area