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  • Soccer Influence

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    The Influence of Soccer Since its conception, soccer continues to dominate the global sports scene. As of 2015, 265 million people play soccer in the world. This widely known game was invented two centuries ago in England and quickly became one of the most popular sports in the world. Soccer is also exceptionally influential in the political world. The sport has the capability to spark war and bring peace to entire nations. Along with its effects on the political world, soccer is also a considerable

  • My Passion Of Soccer

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    certain thing for me is soccer. It’s my hobby, my biggest interest, and my passion. Soccer isn’t just a sport for me, it’s my life. It has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I have played the intriguing game of soccer since I was four years old, and I have loved it ever since. I am known as a soccer player, which makes sense because it takes up most of my time, and that’s what I’m all about. I’ve been to Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri for soccer tournaments or games

  • An Essay About Aruba Life

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    The Netherlands soccer team actually placed third in the 2014 Fifa soccer tournament. I have been playing soccer since I was six, so the locals loved that I was able to play with them. While we waited for Cecilia to make dinner, we snorkeled and played soccer with the rest of her Aruban family. There were five kids, four adults, and Cecilia’s mother and father. This was such an eye opening

  • Descriptive Essay : A Day At The Beach

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    As I stood there, on the beach, glancing at the ocean in awe of the beautiful sight, a sudden gust of wind blew past me. Each individual strand of my hair crossed my face, the sun played peek-a-boo as it made its appearance just above the horizon, as if it were too scared to show its’ beautiful light. The smell of the sea filled my nose as I took in the fresh air. The sand was filled with corals, with a collection of many sea shells, all of which had their own uniqueness in shape, size and color;

  • Personal Narrative: I Am Of A Dog

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    tsunami from which my dog has sprung into the sparkling blue pool I am from the earsplitting frantic bark meaning someone has come to see us at the door I am from the gallons of slobber coming from his long tongue I am from the SMACK! Of the soccer ball zooming off my feet I am from the heat of the scorching hot sun rays beaming on me I am from the crazy crowds celebrating our victorious win I am from late practice nights to the bright and early practice mornings I am from the tourtuaring three

  • Descriptive Essay About A Day At The Beach

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    stand out are because of the memories I’ve made there, they are the ones I will never forget. Each beach has its unique value to itself and to me. The one thing all beaches have in common is they are filled with an obscene amount of people, but hold the most memories. Throughout the years, the beach has taught me some lessons of independence, which I will be able to use in the future. Overall, the beach is best spent with friends and family enjoying the water and its transition of a hectic day time

  • Personal Narrative: A Trip To Destin My Family

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    Doesn’t a vacation with a beach,good seafood and lots of family activities sound like what you need?That's exactly what i needed before i went to Destin,Florida for the first time.And Destin is the perfect place for it.In Destin my family had lots of fun.We went to the beech almost everyday and it was right across from where we were staying,we also went shopping a lot,and hung out at the harbor and had great food. On the first day we got there pretty late but ended up going to dinner.We went to

  • Wonder In California

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    What is wonder to me? I personally have discovered wonder last summer in my hometown California. Last summer I went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in California with my big family. When it started to hit night time that is when I first discovered wonder. Between the beach and the sunset, the rides with lights and it just felt like freedom; that is wonder. All of that in one big view and then with your family there and seeing some old friends it was just all heart warming and it was just too pretty

  • Narrative Essay

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    places for swimming, sunbathing, mingling, partying, beach volleyball, all forms of boating, and fishing. Camping is a wonderful way to spend a few nights in Barrie. With many campgrounds, hiking trails and canoe and kayak rentals available. Beach spots along Georgian bay are always a popular destination and make for a great place to either relax by the water or be active during the summer periods. The most popular of these spots is Wasaga beach, particularly known for its high energy, communal atmosphere

  • Research Paper On Antigua

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    Antigua is a beautiful country with amazing beaches to have fun on. Antigua is located on the continent of North America and is near the Barbados, Saint Lucia, Dominica, and many other islands. “On Antigua, life is a beach, it may seem like a cliche but improbably shaped splotch is ringed with beaches and the finest white sand” ( ). There are a lot of cool things to learn about Antigua, for instance, their geography, climate, government, economy, culture, and interesting facts. Antigua is