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  • Why Become A Nurse

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    Why do I want to become a nurse? I have had a passion for nursing since I was a young child. Every year in elementary school I would choose to be a nurse for career day. I have always wanted to work with newborns or young children for as long as I could remember. As I became more mature and had my own children, they became my new inspiration to continue my education and to get into nursing school. By my sophomore year in high school, Iknew my passion was truly for nursing and that I wanted to

  • A Passion To Become A Nurse

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    I have always known that I wanted to make a difference in this world, even if it is one person at a time. I have dreamed of becoming a nurse, instead of being just a dream it is now going to become reality. My passion for health is more than a passion it is my lifestyle, a lifestyle I want others to follow. I have started up a small running group within the community to promote a healthy lifestyle. I often donate blood as I know how important it is in the healthcare field. I have worked at

  • Why I Become A Nurse

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    Why I Want to Become A Nurse When people ask me the question, “Jas, why do you want to be a nurse?” The first answer that comes to mind would be the generic answer, “Because I want to help people.” However, during the process of being in Lower Division and competing with almost 400 other students with the hopes of being accepted into Upper Division my mindset has changed. After studying my hardest through each class I am in and overcoming the challenges that come with each one, I am more determined

  • How To Become A Registered Nurse

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    to go into to help people. People always think “Well they are just a nurse, they don’t do much.” But the thing is, is that nurses really do make a difference. You get the chance to make people feel better and get back to their life. You can make a difference to parents if their kid is sick. You can make a difference to a child if their parent is sick. By being a nurse and helping people you are making a difference. Being a nurse offers many great chances to help people and make them feel better.

  • Essay about Why Become a Nurse

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    Becoming a Nurse Essay Opportunities in Nursing My decision to pursue a career in nursing came from my personal and professional experiences. When I was 13 years of age, I took care of my elderly grandma who had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease. I knew that the disease was incurable but I did all to help grandma cope with her daily problems. I learned a lot from that experience. From that time I have dreamed to become a highly qualified, experienced, and very competent nurse. I want to

  • Why I Should Become A Nurse

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    eyes, success is the key to my future. I have plans to become a registered nurse, live in Franklin, Tennessee, and spend my free time making memories with my family. Over the course of the past three years, I have spent an abundance of time in and out of the hospital between different family members and clinicals for health science, a class exploring the medical field. These two factors have greatly influenced my decision to become a nurse. Nurses play

  • Statement Of Purpose To Become A Neonatal Nurse

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    can go to college and get as many degrees as I want as long as I put my mind to it. My other goals in life would to become a either a neonatal nurse practitioner or historian studying black history. I want to become either a neonatal nurse practitioner because I love caring for sick babies and helping them grow and improve. The main reason why I want to become to a neonatal nurse is because of my brother’s was born with heart problems which caused him to be in the NICU for quite some time. His problems

  • Before I Become a Pediatric Nurse

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    Bryanna Robinson Ms. McNutt Intermediate Composition 1st hour 1 May 2013 The Pathway to the Future When I was a little girl, I would pretend that I was a nurse or even a doctor. I treated my teddy bears as if they were my patients from the doctor’s office, I would bandage up their broken legs and make sure they were not sick. When my mom was getting sick, I was helping my sister take care of our mother. Then, I started to take care of my mom by myself, because my sister had to do a lot of

  • I Want To Become A Registered Nurse

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    complications. My ideal job is to becoming a registered nurse, The benefit of being a registered nurse is that I will be able to receive lots of money; with

  • Why I Want To Become A Nurse

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    career ahead of me, but I am up for the challenge. I chose to become a nurse because it will be my way of serving the community wherever I decide to settle. I have come to respect nurses and their important roles in the world through personal experiences. The most challenging situation I have faced in my short life is when my father was diagnosed with cancer for a second time. As a result, I was able to decide on my future career as a nurse, making it my primary