Beezus and Ramona

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  • Beverly Atlee Bunn: A Brief Biography

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    Beverly Atlee Bunn was born on April 12, 1916 in McMinnville, Oregon. She lived as an only child, parented by her mother and father. Her father first started out doing farm work, and greatly enjoyed it. Her mother called those years “slavery years” because she felt that her husband didn’t appreciate her enough. Eventually Beverly’s father had to get another job, due to the great Depression that happened in 1929. Money became tight and Beverly’s father had to get a job working at a bank. You can say

  • My Weakness In English

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    Over the past four years, I can easily say that English has become one of my favorite subjects to learn in school. The English teachers that I have had in the past have helped cultivate me as an English student and definitely made me enjoy learning new things. As an English student, I see myself as one who does not struggle with writing so often. One of my strengths in writing is my ability to support my arguments with evidence. I have had a lot of essay rubrics where I had to have an argument to

  • The Hidden Messages Of Water, Japanese Scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Uses High Speed Photography

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    time and gave me chances to use my imagination. I collected books; I wanted a library like the one that the Beast gave to Belle in my favorite Disney movie. Some of my childhood favorites included classics such as Harold and the Purple Crayon, Ramona and Beezus, and anything by Shel Silverstein or Roald

  • Selena Gomez : The Life And Life Of Selena Marie Gomez

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    Selena Marie Gomez, an American-Mexican-Italian, born July 22, 1992 to former stage actress Amanda Dawn Cornett and Ricardo Joel Gomez in Grand Prairie, Texas, the United States of America. Her mother was sixteen when she gave a birth to Selena. Five years later Gomez's parents got divorced and she stayed with her mother. “My mom means my happiness, my love, my best friend and the world to me. She is the reason I smile and the reason I am here.” says Selena in the Just Jared's interview. She grew

  • The Changing Face of Children's Literature

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    Children’s literature is always changing. It has evolved greatly over the generations. Children did not have their own stories in ancient times. Instead, they listened to oral storytellers who would recite stories I tended for adults to hear. Over time it became apparent that children needed there own stories. Moral stories and educational writing started to be written with children in mind. As printed books for children became more accessible, stories started to focus on entertaining children as

  • Children's Literature

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    1. Introduction 3 2. Early History 6 The Greek and Roman Eras: 50 B.C.-A.D. 500 6 The Middle Ages: 500-1500 6 The Renaissance: 1500-1650 7 The Rise of Puritanism and John Locke: Late 1600s 8 3. Beginning of Children’s Literature: Late 1700s 10 4. Fairy and Folk Tales 12 The Golden Age of Children’s Literature: Late 1800s 12 5. Victorian Children's Literature 16 6. Contemporary Children's Literature 18 6. Analysis of Harry Potters’ series 21 7. Conclusion 30 8. Summary 31 Children’s Literature Definitions