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  • The 1911 Chinese Revolution Essay

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    The New Army was the best trained and best equipped imperial military force in the Qing Dynasty. Therefore, Yuan Shikai, who was the commander of the New Army, could get the place of Prime Minister from Sun Yikxian after 1911 Revolution. Yuan agreed to a ₤25 million Reorganization Loan to support his army without parliamentary discussion and appointed officials of his own choice. However, like Yuan Shikai

  • Myth of Courage Exposed in The Things They Carried Essay

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    Ah for a young man all looks fine and noble if he goes down in war, hacked to pieces under a slashing bronze blade he lies there dead. . .but whatever death lays bare all wounds are marks of glory. (Homer 22.83-87)   As students we are brainwashed by ancient myths such as The Iliad, where war is extolled and the valorous warrior praised. Yet, modern novels such as Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried (THINGS) challenge those very notions. Like The Iliad, THINGS is about war. It is

  • The Things They Carried Essay

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    After the devastation that World War II left the world, no one wanted to go into another war. Families lost their members, countries lost their dignity, and some soldiers were left with the moments of war forever in their minds. However, the concern that communism was going to spread made Vietnam become the longest war in American History. During this time a lot of young people were anti-war, they were sick of losing people they loved to violence. Though the war still needed to be fought so men became

  • Essay on Military Bearing

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    order to carry out good discipline and ethics throughout ones military career. Army regulations and soldiers on our own creed illustrate how a military service member should conduct themselves on a daily basis, on and off duty. Loyalty, duty, respect, commitment, honor, punctuality, reliable, integrity, and personal courage are Army core values. Courage is the ability to stand up for ones beliefs and ethics that the Army has been bestowed on them, despite the danger they may face on duty. Courage

  • Being on Time in the Military Essay

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    means that the person is unable to do his/her duties well. In contrast, being on time proves that the person is highly responsible and is ready to fulfill his/her duty without delay. Such characteristics of an individual are particularly important in army. At any rate, I, in person, know that I cannot be late because I cannot be late for half an hour or even less late and just excuse myself and continue my work. In fact, I am conscious of the fact that even a minute of delay will lead to the failure

  • Essay about The Importance of Accountability

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    This essay I am going to write is about the importance of accountability in the army, and as to how it affect the units mission. First off by definition "Accountability is important in the military because soldiers are often times required to perform extremely challenging duties and services. Without accountability, a soldier cannot be expected to meet these high demands and expectations". Being accountable means being in the right place at the right time, being in the proper duty uniform, being

  • Napoleon Bonaparte Essay

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    Napoleon Bonaparte Corsica is a rugged island in the Mediterranean, which lies sixty miles off the coast of Italy. The Corsicans are proud and independent people. In 1768, when the French took over the island from Genoa, an Italian state, the Corsicans rebelled and fought for their freedom. But they were unsuccessful. Their leader, Pasquale Paoli, was driven into exile. Several months later, on August 15, 1769, Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Ajaccio, a major port on the island. He was the second-born

  • "Dulce Et Decorum Est"& "The Charge of the Light Brigade" - Poem Comparing and Contrasting Essay

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    War is a subject that often stirs upon many emotions with those directly or indirectly involved. It may bring tears, memories of suffering and loneliness, struggles, or victories. Such disturbance of peace has wounded and killed many souls. It is on the battlefield we see the most hideous side of human nature, for every soldier's only objective on the battlefield is to survive and win. Many people have opposing views about wars which may have been developed over time based on many factors such as

  • The Civil War- Modern or Napoleonic War? Essay

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    erroneously. This misuse hindered their accuracy. With the misuse and the lack of ammunition, they were not actually any better than the previous rifles. According to Dawson, another aspect of modern war is raising mass national armies. The Civil War definitely had mass armies. Two million Northerners and 900,000 Southerners enlisted. The government was able to do this by inspiring the soldiers to fight. In the North, they convinced soldiers that the Union is a wonderful thing. It has a great democratic

  • Symbolism in "The Things They Carried" Essay

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    A. Park The Things They Carried The symbols in Tim O’Brien’s “The Things They Carried” are essential to understanding the soldiers and their lives during the Vietnam War. At the opening of the story, Lieutenant Jimmy Cross would dig into his foxhole and read the letters while imagining romance with Martha; however, at the end of the story after the death of Ted Lavender, he “crouched at the bottom of his foxhole and burned Martha’s letters” (402). The inner feelings of Cross would be mistakenly