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  • Belize: British Honduras

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    Belize: British Honduras (Introduction Paragraph) Thesis: Belize is a young country with a deep Mayan culture, as well as a diverse geography that promotes its large tourism industry. Belize is a very young country only gaining independence from the British and Guatemala in 1981. Guatemala still doesn't agree with the independence of Belize and doesn’t recognize it as an independent country. Before this though there was the The Mayan Empire. The Mayan Empire was established in 1500 BC and thrived

  • Belize : A Unique And Different Country

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    Belize is a very unique and different country. There is a wide verity of year round activities that the people of Belize, as well as the tourists enjoy. Pop culture is celebrated in a wide variety of ways. The languages of Belize are as follows: English 62.9% (which is the official language); Spanish 56.6%; Creole 44.6%; Maya 10.5%; German 3.2%; Garifuna 2.9%; other 1.8%; unknown 0.3%; none 0.2% (cannot speak). Some of the National Holidays in Belize are very similar to the National Holidays

  • The Pros And Cons Of Democracy In Belize

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    Either way to go Belize is a beautiful country washed by the Caribbean Sea at its east borders. My country gained full independence on the 21th of September 1981 and now we associate ourselves with the commonwealth communities, United Nations, CARICOM and several other organizations. We were once ruled by the British we adopt many of their practices and traditions. Our government system is one we copied and still is practiced today. Belize has a democratic system therefore it is recognized as a democratic

  • Belize Logistics Essay

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    The history of Belize dates back thousands of years. The official name of the territory was changed from British Honduras to Belize in June 1973. “The current government of Belize took form when they declared their independence in 1981. This government is headed by the Queen of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II, who is acting head of state. The Queen is represented by a Governor General due to her having to reside in Great Britain. The Governor General is the true authority in power; however

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Belize Guatemala Territorial Dispute

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    Belize Guatemala Territorial Dispute Should we agree on taking the Belize-Guatemala territorial dispute to the ICJ? The international Court of Justice commonly known as the World Court. It is the central judicial branch of the United Nations, where the Court’s role is to resolve legal disputes and to give consultative opinions on legal questions (International court of Justice). The Belize-Guatemala territorial dispute is an unresolved bi-national territorial dispute between both countries, neighbours

  • Belize : A Small, Beautiful Country Located On The Caribbean Coast Of Northern Central America

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    Belize, formally known as British Honduras, is a small, beautiful country located on the Caribbean coast of northern Central America with a population of about 347,369. Belize is well-known for being the only country in Central America where English is their main language. Belizeans speak Kriol, Spanish, and English, most being trilingual. It is also known for its beautiful beaches, the Maya pyramid, its two carnivals, and is home to the second largest barrier reef in the world. Belize is a Parliamentary

  • Importance Of Biodiversity In Belize

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    Biodiversity in Belize The South Caye Marine Reserve region is located along the Belize Barrier Reef. This reef is the second largest in the world, and the largest in the northern hemisphere. Two very important ecosystems in the Belize Barrier Reef area are the coral reef, and the mangrove trees. These ecosystems assist in determining the biodiversity of the area, affecting animals of the water, land, and sky. Without each other these two ecosystems would diminish, they rely on the other to thrive

  • Belize, only 8,867 sq. miles in size, is set on the northeast coast of Central America. The

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    Belize, only 8,867 sq. miles in size, is set on the northeast coast of Central America. The Caribbean Sea lies to the east and from the air its turquoise waters are clear, permitting the colored coral formation of the nice coral reef to be simply discovered. Coral islands referred to as cayes, coated with stands of mangrove trees, dot the coast. Lying in aquamarine and jade-colored bays, these cayes shield the jungled lineation from the ravages of the ocean. North of Central American country lies

  • Lela Vernon's Components Of The Creole Culture In Belize

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    is like. There are many cultures in the world but only specific ones are within a society. Here in Belize there are many but the one that will be elaborated is the creole culture. Lela Vernon was a Belizean who was a Kriol and promoted it in everything she did. For instance, she talked, lived and song using the Kriol culture. She contributed a lot of things to the creole culture here in Belize. Lela Vernon expresses components of Belizean culture by showing them while singing. For instance

  • Essay on Belize Barrier Reef Platform

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    While the human population continues to grow so does the need for land to contain the growth. In man’s attempt to fulfill this need we find that we are encroaching on lands used for diverse wildlife and plant-life. The problem comes from the fact that when man moves into these new areas he usually takes over and in the process damages or destroys ecosystems that were in place. This loss of ecosystems equates to the loss of animal species and also plant species. This is happening in our world at an