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  • Benito Mussolini Justified

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    was a quote from one of the most famous dictators in Italy, Benito Mussolini. Before World War One, Mussolini was director of the Avanti, a socialist newspaper in Milan, but he began to disagree with socialists so he broke ties and joined the military, reaching the rank of corporal. After he was discharged from the army, he created the fascist party and worked towards dismantling all socialist institutions (UXL Biographies 1). Mussolini was a powerful public speaker and delivered speeches mainly

  • Philosophy Of Benito Mussolini

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    Benito Mussolini was one of the most influential leaders of the twentieth century. He led a fringe political party to the creation of a new order in the country of Italy after World War One; seemingly taking and implementing notes from teaching of Niccoló Machiavelli’s The Prince in his early rule as “Il Duce”. However, after his rise to power he stumbled and went against many of the things Machiavelli taught. Mussolini’s triumphs as the leader of Italy must be looked at with admiration due to the

  • Adito Mussolini : A Dictator Essay : Benito Mussolini

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    Dictator Essay: Benito Mussolini By dictionary definition, a tyrant is a cruel or obsessive ruler. Who could be so evil as to act like that? One example is Benito Mussolini. Benito Mussolini was an inhumane and heartless ruler of Italy who abused his power by using terror and intimidation to get what he wanted. He was a dictator who had a homicidal ego, which therefore led him to become the fascist man he was who had killed and massacred close to a million people. As a child, Benito Mussolini had an affinity

  • Benito Mussolini And Fascism

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    This inquiry seeks to establish that upon gaining power, Benito Mussolini introduced a fascist program, financed by big business, that pursued autarky and a new Roman Empire. While Fascism states have risen and fallen throughout the world, the original fascist program is that of Benito Mussolini and Fascist Italy. The Fascist Doctrine, which defines all aspects of the fascist life, is a document that explains fascism in all realms, the primary focus of this enquiry will be how the fascist program

  • The Falling Skies Of Benito Mussolini

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    the seas, Italy had far more important matters at hand such as forging an alliance with the Vatican, recognizing it as a sovereign state and Mussolini with his family receiving an official blessing from the Pope. It officially declared itself a totalitarian state in 1935 and using propaganda to depose the king through plebiscite thus making Benito Mussolini the sole leader. Wanting to increase its prestige on the national stage it successfully and swiftly invaded Ethiopia in 1935 making it a subservient

  • Benito Mussolini Influence

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    argue with the government. Benito is basically known for fascism. Benito Mussolini was an important figure in American history because he made Americans realize dictatorship is very horrible. Benito Mussolini was born in Dovia DI Predappia in the province of Forli in Emilia Romagna, on July 29, 1883. His mother was named Rosa Mussolini and she was a devout Catholic school teacher. His father was named Alessandro Mussolini and he was a blacksmith and a socialist. Benito was named after a Mexican

  • Dictator Essay : Benito Mussolini

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    Dictator Essay: Benito Mussolini The dictionary defines a tyrant as a cruel or obsessive ruler. Who could be so evil as to act in such a way? One example is Benito Mussolini. Benito Mussolini was an inhumane and heartless ruler of Italy. He abused his power as leader, using terror and intimidation to get what he wanted. He was a dictator with a great ego, which allowed him to be a fascist who massacred nearly a million people. As a child, Benito Mussolini had an affinity for violence and maliciousness

  • Founding Father Of Benito Mussolini

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    character, and his faith. To achieve this propose it enforces discipline and uses authority, entering into the soul and ruling with undisputed sway. Therefore it has chosen as its emblem the Lictor’s rods, the symbol of unity, strength, and justice."5 Mussolini 's regime was extremely fascist and very individually-oriented from the beginning of his reign, as he made himself dictator before World War II, to which this dictatorship lead itself into World War II, and

  • Benito Mussolini And His Creation Of Fascism

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    Benito Mussolini and his creation of Fascism was the glue that held Italy together. Fascism promised national unity and condemned the Socialist party. To understand how Fascism became powerful within Italy, it is imperative to acknowledge the driving force behind this regime. To put it bluntly, violence played an essential role in the development of the Fascist party. Mussolini’s practice of fierceness was able to create a formidable system of government that did not tolerate weakness. In 1919, Benito

  • Advantages And Achievements Of Benito Mussolini

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    Benito Mussolini, the great leader of the Italian people. He was aggressive, loved, and praised. He was the dictator of dictators to the people of Italy. Benito Mussolini had achieved many things during his rule in Italy. Yet, one of his most important achievements would have been the ability to stay in power and the creation of a cult through deception and propaganda. Benito Mussolini is most famous for being the dictator-like prime minister for Italy during World War II. He was able to keep his