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  • Bernard Lefkowitz's Our Guys

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    Our Guys by Bernard Lefkowitz (1998) is an account of the gang rape of a mentally disabled girl, Leslie Faber that took place in Glen Ridge in March 1989. Kevin and Kyle Scherzer, Bryant Grober, Paul and Chris Archer, Richard Corcoran Jr., the most popular high school athletes in the town, participated in or observed the group rape of Leslie. Although Glen Ridge was a small and peaceful suburb, it is a perfect example of America’s jock culture where status is associated with sports and being a man

  • Gender Roles and Stereotypes Explored in Judy Mann's The Difference and Bernard Lefkowitz's Our Guys

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    Stereotypes Explored in Judy Mann's The The Difference: Growing Up Female in America and Bernard Lefkowitz's Our Guys Gender stereotypes are common in the United States today, even though many men and women have been working hard to defeat it. The task is made difficult however, when society in general implants the idea of gender roles into the mind of a child. Two authors, Judy Mann of The Difference and Bernard Lefkowitz of Our Guys face the issue of gender roles and stereotypes, and how they affect

  • Essay on Our Guys

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    The novel Our Guys, written by Bernard Lefkowitz, is a very dynamic story about the heinous actions of a dozen middle-class athletes, from a small New York suburb, against a defenseless mentally handicapped girl. Lefkowitz describes a brutal gang rape involving a baseball bat and broomhandle, which took place in this unsuspecting town, by these upstanding young group of boys, as the town would describe them. Lefkowitz looks at the incident which took place and then examines the “jock clique” sub-culture

  • Steubenville And Glen Ridge Rape Case

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    The Steubenville and Glen Ridge rape cases are two very similar cases. The perpetrators were football student athletes with promising futures and the victims were teenage girls whose capability of consenting to the acts done to them were questioned. One of the victims was seventeen-years old and had an intelligence quotient of 64 and the reading comprehension of a second grader. The second victim was sixteen-years old and was publicly assaulted while she was completely intoxicated. This paper will

  • William Shakespeare 's Macbeth - The Five Tragedies

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    However, Arthur Kirsch, Writer of “Macbeth’s Suicide,” insists that perhaps Macbeth did not develop a sense of insanity, but he was murdering out of confidence in his future. On the other hand, In Miguel Bernad Article, “The Five Tragedies in Macbeth”, Bernard describes that Macbeth 's ever changing deposition and lust for bloodshed was linked to this downfall. A variety of factors influenced Macbeth to

  • Bernard Madoff Fraud

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    Abstract This report allows the facts to be known concerning the still mysterious case of Bernard L. Madoff and his longtime investment securities activities, which eventually turned into an enormous fraud of incomparable size. In this report, you will begin to understand how Bernard Madoff was able to execute such an elaborate fraud. The illegal business behavior found in this case is too numerous to count however, quite a few will be identified. In addition, the roles of the perpetrators

  • Management and Leadership - Mary Schapiro

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    Mary Schapiro and SEC Management and leadership SEC • Criticism for failing to predict, control or even contain the GFC • Under its watch Bernard Madoff, managed to operate the largest Ponzi scheme and Lehman brothers collapsed, bringing down business confidence and reputations • Regulators and traders were investing in schemes they did not understand and whose behaviour they could not predict • The SEC was exposed as ill-equipped to deal with the chaos after the GFC • US govt handed the

  • Bernie Madoff

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    Diyonka Massey Magan Calhoun AIS 3710 22 February 2013 Bernie Madoff Case Study Throughout history, people have done unethical things dealing with money. In 2008, the man known for running a massive Ponzi scheme, known as Bernie Madoff, was arrested and charged with criminal securities fraud, and sentenced for a hundred and fifty years in prison. Bernie Madoff continued his scheme for thirty years because his company was the largest market maker on NASDAQ. He had an impressive rate of returns

  • Madoff

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    Bernie Madoff & the Worst Pyramid Scheme in U.S. History It is said that we are the product of our upbringing, so it probably would not surprise you to learn that the biggest and worst financial fraud committed through a pyramid scheme in US History, was achieved by a man who was raised by parents that also commit financial frauds. Bernie Madoff was raised watching his parents Ralph and Sylvia Madoff run a business that was not successful in the financial trading world. That company was

  • The Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme

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    Introduction The Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme is a well-known case and is known as one of the biggest Ponzi scheme’s. In summary the scheme occurred for many reasons that I will some up into 3 points; A lack in competency by regulatory agencies, a lack of regulation, and finally a breach in ethics by Bernie Madoff himself. To explain further, the regulatory agencies like the lawyers and SEC are supposed to prevent schemes such as this one from happening but because they lacked the skills to correctly