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  • The Accomplishments of Bertha Wilson

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    Bertha Wilson was a remarkable woman who changed the face of the Supreme Court of Canada forever. She was the first woman appointed to the Ontario Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court of Canada, and the first female partner in a major law firm. Even though she wasn’t a Chief Justice, it was a huge accomplishment for a woman to be a Puisne Justice. Bertha Wilson was chosen for my Heritage Fair topic because Bertha worked hard even when she knew that no woman had been where she had been before. This

  • Bertha Of The Great Gatsby

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    Once upon a time, in a certain kingdom, in a certain land, in a little village, there was a young woman named Bertha. Bertha did not have much, little money, little food, and no real memory of her family, the one thing she did have, was her small yellow stone that hung on her neck, this was the one thing she had to remember her family. She lived in a small hut, which is where she independently cared and supported herself because there was no one else in her life. At night she would have small dreams

  • Charlotte Bronte's ' Of Bertha '

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    blood-shot eyes” (Bronte 371). Bronte’s characterization of Bertha demonstrates how a woman, once considered “the boast of Spanish Town for her beauty: and this was no lie. [Rochester] found her a fine woman, in the style of Blanche Ingram; tall, dark, and majestic” (Bronte 395) drastically morphed into a being Jane finds reminiscent “Of the foul German spectre — the Vampyre” (Bronte 371). The highly animalistic features that Jane observes in Bertha remind Jane of a mythological character associated with

  • The Big Bertha Project

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    The Big Bertha Project The City of Seattle enlisted the world’s largest tunnel boring machine called “Big Bertha” back in 2013. Since then, the boring machine has faced numerous challenges. Since it’s arrival to Seattle in 20113, Big Bertha has traveled only 1,280 feet out of the 9,210 foot destination. At this point, the tunnel was expected to be almost done by now. But, due to the errors occurring with the machine and unexpected geographical problems it has set Seattle back by two years

  • Jane Eyre And Bertha

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    difference!” Mr. Rochester urges Mr. Woods and Mr. Briggs to compare Jane Eyre’s “clear eyes” and “face” with Bertha Mason’s “red balls” and “mask” (p. 311). It is obvious that Rochester’s comments on his new lover are a lot more positive than those on his first wife. From his point of view, Jane is a pure angel whereas Bertha is a raging beast. Rochester further overstates the contrast between Bertha and Jane by dehumanizing the former into a “demon” and “bulk” while giving the latter human characteristics

  • Code Blue Room 352

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    This woman, I call her Big Bertha in my mind, looked at me as though I was the cause of her father's demise and said "Did you put my daddy on the list?" I stammered "The list?" Bertha shouts, "Yeah Nurse, the brain transplant list! We saw it on Oprah!" I was dumfounded, I did not know if she was kidding or if she really thinks a brain transplant is feasible. I raise my head to speak to big Bertha and I know those glaring eyes and flaring nostrils she is serious

  • Bertha 's Influence On The Body

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    Bertha Jorkins is your average fifteen-year-old girl. She likes to shop, hangout with her girlfriends, talk about boys, etc. However, the one thing that Bertha likes to do best is eat. Thus, there is just one thing about Bertha that is not-so-average, and that is her weight. At 5’1, a healthy weight for Bertha would be somewhere between 105 and 120 pounds. However, Bertha weighs a whopping 200! As is to be expected, this upsets Bertha. At school, she is often teased. People call her things like

  • Pyrrha Vs Bertha

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    There's a lot a I want to cover about this episode because wow this episode had a lot of exposition that I'm quite eager to pick apart. It started off so well and then it all went downhill from there. Have fun in jail Yang. Starting off with the legend of the four maidens. Who are the next maidens? Who took Amber's powers? Is Pyrrha really the next Fall maiden?  Well to start off it's pretty clear who stole Fall's powers. The last name and the fire semblance are a dead give away. However, what's

  • Bertha Mason In Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

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    Within Jane Eyre, a fundamental conflict exists in Rochester’s secrecy as he hides his former wife Bertha Mason from everyone, believing that her insane and feral nature prevents any form of peace in his own life. However, while various aspects of Rochester’s story suggest that she may have inherited her family’s genetic predisposition to insanity, the work also suggests that a large portion of her violent behavior towards Rochester originated from his own actions and faults, supporting Bronte’s

  • Character Analysis Of Bertha Mason In Jane Eyre

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    Novel Bertha Mason, although a minor character in Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre , played a crucial role in the love story between Jane and Rochester and gives a deeper understanding of how mentally impaired people were treated at the time. She is necessary to Jane and Rochester’s imminent marriage and her actions lead the two to reconcile. Her motives and the causes for behavior are unclear, besides her obvious jealousy towards Jane and betrayal she felt from Rochester. Not only that, but Bertha also