Best Day Ever

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  • Personal Narrative: Why I Hate My Name

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    makes me feel like I’m wanted, and it’s so rare that I actually get excited when it happens. Even when a best friend I’ve known for years texts me saying “Olivia, I need to talk to you,” I get startled. When I raise my hand in class and the teacher picks on

  • Best Day Ever Essay

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    !!!!! The Best Day Ever !!!!!! Have you ever been into the White House and saw the president in his limo? Have you ever had this greatest day in your life? Read my story and I will tell you about it. !!!!! The Best Day Ever !!!!!! Have you ever been into the White House and saw the president in his limo? Have you ever had this greatest day in your life? Read my story and I will tell you about it. So last summer we were in Washington D.C. and we were camping there. We were on our way to

  • Personal Narrative: Hunter Hayes

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    Usually I would say that the feeling of my ears ringing and pounding wouldn't be necessarily enjoyable, but after one special day last summer I hoped that this feeling would never go away. I have to say spending time with a friend is always fun, but spending that time being somewhere or doing something that both find enjoyable is often times more fun. I experienced this when my best friend Cody and I went to a Hunter Hayes concert and had the time of our lives. It all started around January of 2016 when

  • Why I Chose The Word Childhood

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    this definition? But those people would never talk about the heartbreak they have gone through loving another. They would never speak of the dark corners of their souls exposed to someone who didn’t care or worse scared and stopped. Love changes every day. That’s why I chose a different route a more challenging route. I chose the word Childhood. The definition of childhood is a “period of life from birth to puberty” with the etymology being old English. Everybody has experienced childhood, and everybody

  • Autobiography Essay

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    Autobiography As the removal men arrived to move all the packed cases and the box's which were filled to the brim. I had spent my younger years in that house, I can remember all the good times, and I can see all of them in my head. D-day had finally arrived! Time had flown and I couldn't believe it had gone. It seems just like yesterday that the house was complete with people I loved the most, but now it just seems so blur a particular recollection of the past. I stood

  • Becoming A Single-Parent

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    The pain of losing someone close to you, especially a parent, is never something you can ever quite articulate. But, the lessons you learn and the person you become in the aftermath is a little easier to explain. My mother was my best friend. She was ornery, funny, and brilliant in her own way. She always knew how to soothe me and she always made the effort to, even when she was combatting her own issues. In 2009, my parents divorced due to my father’s anger issues and drug use. In addition to becoming

  • My Best Days Of My Life

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    or as I like to call it, one of the best days of my life. Is it cliché to call my first concert experience one of the best days of my life? Probably. But it was just such a surreal experience. I went to go see The 1975 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, California. My best friend knew that I had never been to a concert before, so on my Birthday she gave me tickets to go see The 1975 as a gift. I had been looking forward to the concert for months, and when the day finally came, I felt both nervous and

  • Essay My First Day At School

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    Emily’s First Day of School 7:00 a.m. I wake up to the sound of my phone screaming in my ear. My mom is also yelling “Emily, turn that alarm off! Some of us are trying to sleep!” Today is the first day of school so my friends are all texting me. As I walk to the bathroom, I grab a skirt and a top that I hung up last night. My friends and I decided that we should all wear skirts on the first day of school. As I finish getting ready I grab my phone to look at the time. The time is 8:15, so I run downstairs

  • Short Story : The Story Of A Story

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    The one in which Iwa-chan no longer gives a shit "Why do we fall? How did we get here? Will our lives ever be the same? Today it's driving Tomorrow it will be moving out Before you know it I'll be a grandfather. Do the sands of time really flow like water when you're a parent? It's like yesterday we were hot an-" "Stop spouting your melodramatic bullshit already." Iwazumi said. Oikawa turned away from the car window in the back that he was dramatically

  • Riding Horses Research Paper

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    States 2016 My coach announced to the team, “You all have come so far, great job, everyone!” As I entered the arena, my mind went into it’s own world. Ever since I was five, I’ve had a love for horses. Riding horses have become a passion for me and I knew I wanted to join my high school's equestrian team when I got older. I remembered the day clearly in 2016 when we won states, it was a once in a lifetime experience that showed me that hard work pays off. The beginning of my summer in 2016 was